Busy days!

Well the weekend was supposed to start Sunday waving Neil from Facebook of on his Azura birthday cruise. My mum was bad so I stayed home. But I managed to get across a windy Solent to Cowes where me & Fay wasted part of our lives for Europa to leave. I missed two ferries leading to a soaking back on the mainland! Waverley was a gorgeous bonus. Today was MSC Poesia’s maiden call. Mid-morning arrival so good but my dad stayed home so I was solo stalking. It was the first time I didn’t phone to say something’s coming. Yet on the 19th my mum could get into my room to see Regatta. It’s so hard watching knowing I’m powerless to do anything. There’s a few more to go for this year but I can’t help wondering if she’ll be around when the clocks go back. I’m glad to have a hobby like this to help take my mind off things at times. I’ll see later if it’s enough.

Anyway photos are on the site.

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