Celebrity Constellation

Arrived in Barcelona for the first in her autumn season of Med cruises, which Celebrity have been selling at bargain prices.  In a few weeks it’s my turn – I hope!  Sadly, the way my mum is deteriorating so rapidly now due to the cancer, at this time I have no idea if I’ll be catching that plane or not.  It was booked a couple of months ago as a much-needed break, what with coping with her untreatable illness since the January diagnosis and then my own semi-incapacity.  By now I should have been operated on and be pain-free then would sail away to recharge my batteries.  However the NHS is fucked up thanks to Labour and so, despite being marked as priority, I’m still waiting while hearing zilch and have been in constant pain most of the year.  My GP has tried twice to push things along to no avail.  But this is the least of my problems compared to what my mum’s going through.  However, a dilemma is approaching as fast as my mum eats less and sleeps more, though thankfully is in no pain.

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