Oriana World Cruise

Yes, instead of the usual January until March/April, P&O decided one of their ships would head around the world from the 23rd September-17th December 2010.  Well it’s different!  I remember the date she’s due back because I was originally booked on the Christmas cruise until my mum’s terminal cancer diagnosis so I had to cancel since Carnival UK don’t allow you to transfer your deposit to any other cruise unless it’s equal length or more expensive.  Over £2200 for just me was bloody expensive as it is!  Legalised theft and really it’s time we were either allowed to move to anything or have it refunded like Americans.  Anyway, rumours abounded last year before the gap in the schedule was announced, most notably she was having a refit, being stretched to be the same length as Aurora with balcony cabins added to the gorgeous tiered stern.  Thank goodness the reason was less horrific to contemplate!  She was in Mayflower today, due to sail at 6pm.  My dad and I had been called to the hospital before noon because my mum had deteriorated and her side room had a semi-view of the port.  We could see the top of Oriana’s funnel peeking over the trees.  She left just after 6pm, blasting she she moved.  There were also some fireworks then she blasted again and was gone.  A shame my mum is so near death now.  She would have enjoyed seeing that had she been awake.  Next year, Oriana sails on the 8th January, which is my mum’s birthday.  She’d been looking forward to watching her and Independence of the Seas (staying for her first winter season instead of repositioning back to the Caribbean in November as usual) so it will be a very hard day.  I’m glad to have a hobby.  It’s helped keep me sane all these months.

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