Getting The Friday Feeling

We begin tomorrow with the arrival into Southampton of Cunard’s latest Vista, Queen Elizabeth, for 9am.  She’ll be passing the usual haunts around the same time as her Vista Sister, but then QV was docked in City which made more sense.  This is just going up that end, turning round than trying not to get a matching dented bum as she backs in to Ocean.  Someone please tell me what is so special about another bloody Vista?  Especially one with a P&O webcam.  Oh well.  Also in tomorrow is Ventura and Saga Pearl II.  If I’m able to visit my mum in hospital tomorrow I’ll get Ventura sailing from her room window.  Being a cancer ward, any germ (and I had a few chucked at me last weekend from flu to tooth abcess causing a swollen face) and they don’t let you in.  I haven’t been able to visit since last Friday but at least she’ll be home soon after coming so close to dying!  Sadly she still will due to the cancer but thankfully she has a few more months yet.  😀  She’s been missing the ships, firstly stuck in bed at home then in the hospital so I’m sure she’ll be glad to see even this one.  The Queen will name QE3 on Monday then there’s the maiden voyage following fireworks on Tuesday.  I am pleased they managed to get back some of Lizzie’s artifacts from Dubai.  Just wish they were on Mary instead, since she’s the flagship.  But hey, better to be enjoyed by many than most likely never seen again, which many Lizzie obsessives aren’t even happy with.  No pleasing some people!  Ships come, ships go.  It’s the nature of things.  Many hated Lizzie after the first one.  Many hated Mary 2.  But then many love the Vista Sisters and it’s time the Lizzie obsessives got over it and moved on like the rest of us have.  She is now history and part of our past.  No amount of tantrum throwing at the slightest thing they’re not happy with will bring her back.  Nakheel bought her because they could, not because they appreciated her or her heritage.  Whatever they do to her (if they do anything that’s not an ‘accident’ or scrapping), she won’t be what she was.  She’d be tacky and mutilated to fit in with Dubai’s image.  Then they’d STILL complain, even the ones who were happy with the sale.  Time to move on, folks!  The Queen is Dead – Long Live the Vista Queen whether we like it or not!

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One Response to Getting The Friday Feeling

  1. Faith J says:

    Well said, especially that last paragraph about ‘Lizzie Obsessives’. QE2’s gone, we all miss her, but life goes on. People hating other (new) ships because they’re not the QE2 need to get real. They’re entitled to their opinions, of course, but hating other ships because they’re not QE2 does the memory of the old ship no service whatsoever. The QE2’s memory is not tarnished or demeaned by liking the new ships. One day, these new ships will be regarded as classics and their passing will be regretted by ship-loving people as much as that of the old ships.

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