Post Cruise Blues

And that doesn’t include shivering and getting wet DURING it!  I thought the Med was meant to be warm in October.  It certainly was for the cruise following and even this one’s slightly hotter in Villefranche than we got.  Oh well.  But what a great cruise it had been – especially for the other ships!  Out of the twenty there was (including the gorgeous Celebrity Constellation – my shippy!), there were nine I’d never seen before.  Golden Iris and Melody were bring draws.  Golden Iris being the old Cunard Princess while Melody was Atlantic for Home Lines.  A little bonus in Genova was Pacific, the original Love Boat (Pacific Princess), laid up facing an uncertain future.  I’d forgotten she was there so a great surprise.  Sadly, despite making new friends on the cruise, it was far too short, even for a week, and it was time to fly back home on the 16th.  Anyway, time to look forward to the next one!  That’s after a £500 dental bill tomorrow – ouch!  Still, the good thing is my mum came home from hospital on the 11th.  It was what she wanted and we NOW have the palliative care we didn’t get the six months before and all thanks to the hospital organising it.

Well photos and review now on the site.

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