Dedicated Ship Nut Or Certifiable?

I am, of course, referring to me.  On Thursday the 4th, I will finally have the operation to become pain free.  It will be exactly 14 weeks since I was put on the list and 28 weeks and 2 days since it started!  How nice to see the NHS being so fast after 13 years of Labour’s rule(!)  Mind you, it may help if they were allowed to fax and email instead of using internal mail (a Labour directive).  Anyway, I stay overnight and will be home on Friday.  Which leads to a dilemma.  On Monday is my next stalking.  QM2, Independence of the Seas and Queen Elizabeth.  Not really bothered about the last but I always love seeing Mary lit up and it’s Indy’s first cruise of the winter season now she’s here all year round.  Got to love Royal Caribbean!  Now give us Eclipse doing likewise and I’ll be happier still!  😀  Although, now Indy’s a permanent Southampton fixture, can’t they make the cruise more interesting?  Mary can get to Norway.  Send Indy there!  How about some 7 night cruises?  Come on, RCCL.  Be more imaginative!  I know it’s tough in Miami but look at what your Southampton rivals are doing!  But I digress.  Being in so much pain, do I be a numpty and go or be a good girl and stay home?  I can always get Indy again on the 19th, when I’m going anyway for Artemis too while Balmoral arrives.  But there again, she may pass Mary so they’ll both be twinkling!  Decisions, decisions.  Sanity or insanity?  Hmm.  Watch this space……

Meanwhile we have a new YouTube channel.  As soon as I find out how to copy footage from DVD-R and DVD-RW (of which I have plenty!), then I shall add that.  It would be nice to share Northern Star, Canberra, Norway and others.

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