The Best Laid Plans of Ships & Artemis!

Yes, bloody Artemis who, from this day forward, shall return to the old nickname I gave her of Hit & Miss since it’s hit and miss if she’ll ever get anywhere! Tomorrow I was going down to wave Harry Cotterill and his family off on Mary so, due to my operation last Thursday, would be going fairly close to the departure times so I wouldn’t be overdoing things. Indy and QE are also in, all leaving at 4.30pm. Indy has been creeping out earlier than her 4.45pm slot for the past few cruises so it makes sense really. This is also the first of her winter season so we’ll get her 12 months a year. Now originally Mary was in Ocean starboard, QE in Mayflower starboard and Indy the usual City and port. That meant, unless they delayed Mary, she’d be off by the time QE turned round! Then yesterday they changed Mary to QEII and port, so she’d DEFINITELY bugger off pronto! You’d think they’d want a meeting since it’s the first time they’ve been together. Then today something strange happened. Artemis, in Mayflower, had her sailing cancelled and changed to moving to Ocean at 4.45pm. Her new departure was down as 3pm tomorrow. This is highly unusual. P&O are citing adverse weather conditions and, while there are some storms a-coming up to force 9, nothing is usually moved. They just stay alongside and whatever is due in docks at another terminal. We had that when the crew member died on Saga Rose. Boudicca was due in City but went to QEII. They’ve also been known to swap berths at a moment’s notice, such as Crown and Grand Princess in September last year. Grand ended up in Ocean instead of Mayflower when she arrived more than 6 hours late due to weather while pax were only told that morning. More recently we have had the likes of Ventura and Azura leaving the following morning for some reason but they stayed put. On the 8th October, Ventura was in Mayflower, due to leave the usual time but she left at 10.15am the following day. She wasn’t moved. Which begs the question, why was Artemis? Clearly the port knew something was up to make sure the berth was empty by moving Mary when they could have played Musical Terminals and put QE there instead. Yes there is some bouncy bouncy weather out there but it won’t be so bad here in the morning. And why the late departure time? Usually an overnight means sailing in the morning after 6am to make up time, not nearly 23 hours later.

Well, because of this I’ll have to dose up on painkillers and get down earlier in case she deigns to leave! Grrrrr!!!! For all that she may as well just leave with the rest – IF she does that is!

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