Celebrity Temptation!

I’m surprised RCCL haven’t thought of that for a name. Me bags it first! Maybe I should copyright it. But yes. While mourning the gorgeous QE2, who left here two years ago today, I was bored so online window shopped cruises for next winter. Everything was out of my price range, some with ridiculous fares for just a week! I say everything. There was one which wasn’t and she got me again – the gorgeous Constellation! I’d looked at the Solstice class and that was too much while I didn’t fancy the itins of Connie’s sisters or they cost too much. And there she was again, the Celebrity Temptress I’d been back on last month, teasing me with the right itinerary at the right price. Well what’s a girl with zero willpower to do???? So two glorious weeks in the sunny Caribbean sea beckon in more than a year’s time. Wish it was now to escape this awful rain and gales but you can’t have everything. I get to see my first Carnival that’s not sailing as something else. I get to see Eurodam, which I missed when she called in 2008 because I was on QE2. Crown Princess and Grand Princess in port will be like a home from home! So far I have 14 ships to get up early for with 7 I’ve never seen. Exciting!

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