Southampton Cruising On Caribbean Princess?

A strange thing appears to be happening with Princess itineraries in 2012.  Grand Princess remains a familiar sight but it looks like they are replacing Crown Princess with the last of the handle set – Caribbean Princess!  This is interesting if we’re staying at just two.  Originally there was ickle Royal Princess until they decided to re-transer Adonia back to being Sea Princess in 2005 and replace Adonia with Royal, becoming Artemis.  Then they added Golden, who we had for two seasons.  Golden then buggered off to LA, so Amy got another one of our rejects!  LOL!  Grand arrived for 2007, her maiden visit since the original en route from the shipyard was cancelled due to her being delivered a week late.  In 2008 they ditched Sea and we got Crown, who is a sister to P&O’s Ventura & Azura and made a call in 2007.  Grand got Sea’s cruises while Crown had Grand’s so wasn’t replacing Sea’s itineraries (a little fact omitted by journalists misinterpreting the press release).  Meanwhile Caribbean was originally ordered for P&O but they changed their minds in 2002, transferring Sea Princess and Ocean Princess across instead to be Adonia and Oceana from 2003 while Caribbean went to Princess from 2004.  So why on earth would they take away a newish ship and replace with a slightly smaller and older handle?  That’s if they HAVE handles still by then.  Rumour has it Grand will have it chopped off in her April refit.  😮  It will be nice to have the set but their thinking seems a little strange to say the least if it’s true about Caribbean.  Find out when they publish the itins around March I expect.

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