Royal Rendezvous

Well that’s the term Cunard overuse when there’s more than one of their ships in a port, though usually abroad like New York and Sydney.  The term was first coined for the 2006 three night cruise from Los Angeles on QM2, when, some time after releasing the itineraries, some bright spark decided what a good PR stunt it would be to have QM2 meet QM in Long Beach – brilliant!  Course draft constraints and other things meant they didn’t get that close after rejigging the itin to squeeze this in, and so those on QM2 had trouble hearing the whistle of QM and vice versa.  Since that February day in 2006, Cunard use ‘Royal Rendezvous’ for anything they deem to be of worldwide importance.  Yet here in their home port the term is never used, even when all three were in once they’d sold QE2 and her Bremerhaven refit was cancelled.  QV meeting QM2 isn’t a ‘Royal Rendezvous’, and they’ve had several of those!  QE2 meeting QM2 any time from 2004-2008 wasn’t either.  Neither, oddly enough, was QE meeting QM2 on the 8th November 2010 despite their blog being written like it was the greatest thing in the world EVER!  So fast forward a couple of weeks to the 1st December 2010.  Cunard have, in the past, mentioned how QE and QV will meet in their home on the 5th January 2011 then do a tandem plod/clunk across the Atlantic to reach New York and QM2 for a – you’ve guessed it – ‘Royal Rendezvous’.  Yet they changed QV’s itineraries, meaning instead of a cruise she was back home and heading to Hamburg for refit.  The first meeting of the Vista Sisters and it went unrecognised by publicity-crazed Cunard!  Passing mention in the following update on their blog then a little more in the entry after that.  14th December, QV returns so they meet again.  What do Cunard do?  Zilcheroo!  Two meetings now of their Vistas down the water from their own office and sod all interest.  This is a company who thinks the world was waiting for QE when it wasn’t, only those interested in ships or cruising were which accounts for a small minority of the planet.  This is a company who believe everyone knows their ships because they’re the most famous in the world.  They need to talk to the general public!  On more than one occasion I’ve overheard people not knowing which is QV or QM2 and there’s a huge difference, and I do mean HUGE!  I don’t particularly like the Vistas and have made no secret of the fact.  It’s cheap and lazy but we’re stuck with them and the first (and second) meeting does actually mean something in a cruise line’s history.  But it seems to mean more to ship nuts than the people who run the things. Not important enough to be deemed a ‘Royal Rendezvous’.

There are photos on the site as usual but there’s also some video if you haven’t seen it.

1st December

14th December

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