Celebrity Reflection In Southampton?

Apparently! But for how long is the question. Eclipse returns for her third season in 2012, leaving at the end of October. The last of the Solstice class is listed as doing a cruise (possibly repositioning) just two weeks later. If this is true, will they meet like in 2007 when Liberty of the Seas sailed to America after four days here, saying “Hi and bye” to Navigator who arrived for her only season that day? I’m sure in 2008 Brilliance & Indy were due to so similar only Brilliance left for refit an hour late! She did blow her horn at the new baby but was ignored. Kids – no matter how huge they are! Indy learned manners by her maiden six days later. It would be good to see another Solstice class so everything’s crossed it’s not a mistake! We know what these cruise lines are like for disappointing (Solstice, Oasis, Allure).

Meanwhile some general 2012 movements. There’s a Mona Lisa II apparently, so would love to know what that will be! Serenade of the Seas I assume is northern Europe, going via La Coruna. Interesting with Jewel in the same area. And Thomson Nightmare – I mean Thomson Dream is staying in the Med/Atlantic.

So we’ll find out soon enough what’s going on with all these ships when the remaining cruise lines issue press releases and roll out the schedules in a few months.

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