Grand Princess Loses Her Handle

As the late, great journalist, Steve Read wrote back in December, Princess Cruises are completely changing the look of the original Grand class, Grand Princess Of course, if they’d done more to generate revenue it wouldn’t have been a loss-maker by all accounts. Now she’ll be as ugly as the next generation. Handleless makes that handle look good! I wish he were here to revel in this with that cheeky grin of his.

I tried to post under his original article but maybe it doesn’t recognise my ip or something since it’s awaiting moderation which will never come so I’ll put what I’d written here instead.

Raise a glass of G&T in Steve’s honour to celebrate him being right! Here are the renderings.

You have the last laugh, Steve. A shame you’re not here to write an update saying, “As I exclusively revealed in December”. I said during our last chat you wouldn’t be eating humble pie. You were so close to finding out. Miss you, your wisdom and humour so much. xxx

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