Love Boat Unloved A Bit Longer – Updated

On the 2nd February, an auction with sealed bids was held in Genoa for the Pacific, only to be suspended at the 11th hour. The late journalist, Steve Read, had written about it in his blog after contacting the official receivers and asking Senor Andrea Fertonani to be kept informed.

News today, courtesy of Peter Knego and Maritime Matters, is that the original Love Boat hasn’t had a new auction date set, but they should know by the 21st which, coincidentally, is the date of Steve’s funeral. Things don’t look good for the old girl and she looked very forlorn and unwanted when I saw her laid up last October from Celebrity Constellation. Let’s hope someone comes along like All Leisure Group and shows her a lot of love on her new sale date.

Pacific laid up in Genoa 12th October 2010

Pacific laid up in Genoa 12th October 2010

Update 9th March 2012 – It was announced today the ship has been sold to Turkish breakers. At least her rotting and uncertainty is over.

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