Ugly Princess

Sorry but there’s no other name for the latest Royal Princess, to debut in 2013. Royal Princess is a cross between NCL, MSC and Royal Caribbean. It’s a hideous hybrid of total unoriginality (Oasis funnels!), just like the name. The first one (currently Artemis and soon to be Artania) was named after Princess Diana. The R ship using it until April when it becomes Adonia and this one shows they have no respect for anything with meaning. It’s a bit like giving a Grand class the name Canberra and thank goodness the P&O bods (SO FAR) have shown sense by never naming something with such an iconic name. Also, reusing names so soon after the last is lazy. In the P&O fleet, for example, there have been two Arcadias between 1997-2005 and now two Adonias since 2003! It’s no wonder people were getting confused when this one was announced. Holland America Line had Rotterdam VI almost immediately after Rotterdam V was withdrawn from their fleet. There are a whole host of names which COULD be used from cruise lines’ pasts but they don’t bother. Where’s the imagination? Same place as new ship design. They all copy each other instead of coming up with their own unique things, especially design. It’s actually hard to contemplate the Princess design is going to be a Fincantieri build when it could have come straight from Meyer Werft or STX (formerly Aker). And where’s the deck space? Do mass market cruise lines remember such a thing? People may have balconies but if any of these designers actually went on a cruise, they’d see sunloungers on all decks full. They’re too concerned with cramming as many balconies and passengers in they forget people need room to MOVE. Here’s a radical idea for mass market cruise lines – how about building a PROPER ship? Because you know, if everyone wanted big and ugly they wouldn’t go on smaller ones or balconies there would be no need for inside or oceanview cabins. Smaller cruise lines get it right. I was very impressed with the design for Silver Spirit. Lovely DECK SPACE! And let’s see…. Will there be single cabins? Probably not. NCL are at the forefront with many things, including ugliness, but they get it right with what passengers want (apart from deck space). And what exciting itineraries will this latest oversized monster have? Same boring ones as the others! Another radical idea, folks – design SMALLER ships which get into more places. The R ships seem to work for Princess, though they’ve dumped Sun class Down Under so you have a choice of small or crowded with no in-between. But with main cruise lines it’s all about profit and sod what the people paying for cruises like to sail on.

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2 Responses to Ugly Princess

  1. Weezie Jefferson says:

    Is anyone surprised? This legendary company is now owned by Carnival Corp.

  2. Dirk says:

    About the single studio cabins on Epic I think we need to remember that they were planned as doubles. Only their size (well, their not-size) made NCL change mind and sell them as singles. Even Deilmann’s Deutschland only has so many singles because they were simply too small as doubles and many passengers complained in the first year of operation.
    About the names…I miss Sky Princess, Fair Princess…why not add an Atlantic Princess since there’s the Pacific as well? To attract the European market, why not have a Baltic Princess? Or would that have a lawsuit in consequence because of the Tallink ferry?
    I think it would be great to have a new Canberra. BUT (!!!) of course that would have to be a very unique ship, not a Vistaqueendaminosa or the likes. Meyer did good jobs on Oriana and Aurora, why shouldn’t they try again?
    Holland America should think a little “cheesy” – out comes Edam. A short name which anyone can remember while shopping in the supermarket. Planning a cruise while buying Dutch cheese? Why not!

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