Happy 5th Birthday Liner Lovers!!!!

Today I’m going to be completely self-indulgent. It’s five years since Amy and I launched something we discussed for months beforehand. A website is a LOT of hard work, constant updating to get online photos taken in all weathers, health conditions and even while grieving! For those who have looked over the past five years you’ll see it’s not quite the same as others. We did consider a photo site but they’re too much of a hassle to navigate. So many have no description so you don’t know who, what, where or when or have been photoshopped. That’s where ours is different. Right from the outset I decided to tell the reader what happened so they could feel like they were there. It started out pretty straight then became, as Barry from Worthing so eloquently put it a few years ago, a bit cheeky! I also prefer photos representing as conditions were rather than remove things like mist or add some blue to sky or sea. If you look around the internet there are so many people who have overdone it so it looks stupid or pictures are just too sharp when what they’ve photographed wouldn’t look like that in real life, like airbrushing models or celebrities. There’s too much photo fakery around so my and Amy’s photos (even my dad’s) are au naturel unless otherwise stated, such as the recent find of Ocean Monarch from 1975. People seem to like it as is, which is the main thing, and we have no intention of changing it any more than I plan to buy Photoshop. A few years ago, one of our local street cleaners plugged a site to me which turned out to me this one! One complaint he had were too many pages. I had the same complaint but, using Yahoo templates, created many limitations and frustrations. It wasn’t until I took the plunge and bought a program I could have it how I’d wanted all along with more photos per page and longer pages. So, for example, 135 pages of the Celebrity Equinox cruise review has now become a mere seven! It’s not perfect by any means and looks different depending on your screen size and resolution but it’s the best this semi-Luddite can do for the time being. There have been a few category changes. Screen Captures is replaced by Videos, now I know how to do it at last! That will be coming within the next few months, although those on Facebook and Twitter will have already had a few sneak previews. Be a bit delayed now the season’s begun again.

Thank you to everyone who has looked over the past five years and especially those who continue to come back. We have a good loyal following so let’s build on that. Here’s to the next five years!

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One Response to Happy 5th Birthday Liner Lovers!!!!

  1. Hi Patsy! And a very happy Birthday to your site! Its very good and I have to say you are very right in what you said about it being a lot of hard – enjoyable – but hard work 😀

    You and your friend have done an excellent job, and I have to say, I have looked at your site often and admired how you did things, and take a little inspiration from it 😀

    Many more Birthdays to come 😀


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