Goodbye Saga Pearl II (Updated)

On the 22nd April 2012, this multi-million pound Saga pain will set sail on a 14 night farewell cruise after just over two years of service under this name. So where is she going? Reverting to the original plan to be Quest for Adventure, even though she was refurbed for Saga passengers? Sold to someone else? It does come as a bit of a surprise considering their new ship, Saga Sapphire, arrives a month before while Ruby’s retirement will be two or three short years away. Having three in the fleet would have led to a nice transitional period the way Cunard did when they sold Caronia to Saga but had her running alongside QE2 and QM2 for most of 2004. There must be a good reason for this but considering the hassle they had initially trying to buy her, finally getting her, spending way over the top for her refit while also paying fees for Rosie down in Gibraltar until they accepted breakers cash, I hope it makes more sense to Saga than to us!

UPDATE 15th April 2011 – Quest for Adventure is listed in a couple of port schedules for 2012 (here is Reykjavik QUEST FOR ADVENTURE BAH fös. 31. ágú. 7:00 lau.. 1. sep. 17:00 Skarfabakki – 312 TVG Zimsen) so it looks like she’s definitely reverting to her originally planned role.

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