Aurora Cruise – Dublin to Nuuk

Dublin sailaway was supposed to have an Irish theme and took place at the Terrace Pool. The music just started when the Captain came on to tell us we were about to sail and then about our journey over the next three sea days to Greenland. At one point they thought he’d stopped so started the music only he hadn’t. And then we were off and it stayed dry!

Dublin sailaway

Bye Dublin container port!

Mad dash to get changed for what they now term ‘Smart’ night, which is the new name for semi-formal then to the Cyb@Study after dinner. One thing which did annoy me was I wasted so much of my time plan trying to upload photos which subsequently failed. At least I know for when I go on Queen Mary 2! We then went to the Crows Nest to try the Martini of the day – a Chocominti, only available on Fridays. Not as good as the Celebrity Martinis!


There was a gorgeous sunset outside so we popped onto the Promenade Deck and bumped into Mike who was admiring it too. One thing about being at sea is the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets AND with no street lighting, trees or buildings in the way.


That night we ‘retarded’ the clocks an hour. As a result, everyone was up too early! 9am is okay but 7am is ridiculous!

Juanita went to the port lecture on Greenland in the theatre which apparently was packed. There was a crew drill at 10am, which was the second in two days. I went to Champions for the 60s music quiz where we’d meet. Didn’t do too well with just 7 points. I must pay more attention to who actually sings the things when listening to Gold Radio! Then we hit the shops. Well they had been naughty! They had Aurora bags – yay! I had thought I wouldn’t be able to get one but the bloke explained they (and the P&O umbrellas) hadn’t been put out on Wednesday. I’ll build up my collection on P&O brollies just in case they stop them one day like everything else so now have another to go with the ones bought on Oriana in 2007 and Aurora in 2008. Had a look at the book sale. Naff stuff. They sold maps of Northern Europe and Iceland for a tenner. Well close! Do they not have any which include Greenland? Over to the Portunus desk to ask when P&O changed my number and he didn’t have a clue but was surprised to see it had been. Also learnt we couldn’t change my address on Juanita’s account because the cheapskates won’t send stuff abroad! Again, when I added Greg to my booking through P&O for next year, that wasn’t said. My address was used for ‘paperwork’, which you naturally assume is cruise stuff. Then we met up with Jacqueline and Bill for a drink in the Crows Nest . Lunch in the Sidewalk Cafe while Juanita went back to the cabin. I’d not eaten there the previous four times I’ve been on this ship so was pleasantly surprised at how nice the cheeseburger was. Afternoon tea at 4pm in the Medina. Do I get a commission for pushing the lady next to me onto the Grand Event??? My tea was poured right to the top – clever(!)

They make sure you get enough tea!

It was formal night and the Captain’s booze up. I knew he’d start in Carmen’s and was right so we got his deputy, Max Rossi. He turned up about 6.20pm.

Captain Pembridge

Apparently we’re going to hit rough seas the day before Quaqortoq because there’ll be a storm south of us so a bit bumpy. That’s if we even get to our first port. He said there were icebergs in the port so at that time we couldn’t but he’d know the day before. Cedric from our table and his wife were there and it took over ten minutes to get a lift down. The show was about film musicals but focused on Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Bob Fossey and the bloke who choreographed West Side Story. Film quiz in Masquerades and we came 4th with a respectable 20/31.

Again the clocks were ‘retarded’ an hour only I forgot to put ours back! Juanita woke me up going to breakfast and I thought it was 9.40am so thought I’d better shift then head to Champions for the 70s quiz only it was an hour earlier. Bugger! We had church bells ringing around the ship at 10am for the service in the theatre fifteen minutes later. Killed some time charging the laptop before Happy Hour at 2pm then went to the 70s quiz. We got 12 points and the table we marked got 13. The photo shop afterwards for the Dublin sailaway and last night’s booze up pics. Saw Mike looking at our photo. Juanita wanted a copy of the boarding, Southampton sailaway and Captain’s booze up so ordered those after going back to the cabin for the first two. The photo bloke said we WOULD get into Quaqortoq because it’s his birthday. Lunch in the Sidewalk Cafe where we had cheeseburgers then watched the nearly dead trying to get in and out of the hot tubs in their skimpies, although one old dear was at least wearing a mini-dress bathing suit.


I went the Happy Hour at the Cyb@Study while Juanita nabbed a table in Champions for Scattegories at 2.45pm. We had no idea what the hell it was but got 6 points and came joint 3rd, the winner having 9 points. Picture quiz immediately afterwards and we got 30 out of 31 points so were joint 2nd. The table we marked had 29 points but the quiz, about comedy was too bloody easy. We then popped into Masquerades to watch the kiddy balloon/magican blokie and what was said to be his wife but she looked about 75. That lasted an hour and was quite good. Back to the cabin and the sea’s a bit more bumpy – lovely jubbly! Listened to DJ Pablo Live @ 5.45pm on the telly until we had to go for dinner. Afterwards we went to the All Seats For A Shilling quiz in Champions which had just us and two other teams.

Gavin in his 70s gear

That was over pretty fast so we headed to Masquerade for the Nostalgia Quiz with DJ Pablo. We got the same score (38) as the table we marked. Popped into Carmens for the 60s & 70s night then back to the cabin.

Misty and wet

A slightly earlier start on the third of the sea days because we wanted to go to the animal quiz. One question was what do you get if you cross a cocker with a springer. I should know that since I have one of each and it’s a sprocker. 80s quiz immediately afterwards where we won – yay! Went to a tie-break since both us and the other team had 19 points so I have a P&O luggage tag – woo! Went on the Prom deck for a bit. The Captain came on before the noon announcement to tell us about the impending force 8, reaching a 10 and how the ice pilot sent through a satellite picture of the icebergs at Quaqortoq and they hadn’t changed much since Saturday so it was looking unlikely we’d get in. Then we went to the launderette on Formosa deck. You have to either buy powder (which they sold in tablets when the machine didn’t have a compartment) or bring your own. I went for some lunch at the Sidewalk Cafe while Juanita did the drying then I went to the internet and the balloon bloke was in the lift. Weather getting bumpy bumpy! Scattergories in Champions and we got nil point but got 19 and in the tie-break for the picture quiz afterwards. Didn’t win. Went on deck for a bit again and then back in the warm. Bumped into the Welsh couple from our table by Champions. Spent the rest of the time enjoying the rough sea before dinner! Juanita was unable to leave the cabin due to the rocking of the ship aggravating her back so I went alone, saying if it was just me I’d be back. Agostinho was very sweet. I just asked for clean cups and he gave us the pillow chocs as well. During dinner the Captain came on to say we’d gone off the Bumpy scale and had winds up to 85 knots which hadn’t been forecast. Bet they got it from the Met Office! They can never get anything right, even the weather several hours earlier. I went back to the cabin afterwards to see how Juanita was. My back was starting to ache with all the throwing around so I decided not to go out again. No idea if the Queen show was on in Carmen’s or not or Colin ‘Fingers’ Henry (???) in the theatre. Juanita ordered the Pizza American from room service and eventually it wasn’t engaged!

And so rudely woken at 6.05am by the Captain’s announcement in the corridor and above saying “Have a look at Quaqortoq cos we ain’t staying!” or words to that effect There was quite a bit of ice floating around. Pity because it looked nice – from a distance! He reckoned we’d arrive in Nuuk the next day and maybe have longer there. We had a force 5-6 en route there according to the Officer of the Watch’s 8.55am announcement. We went for a freezing stroll around the deck then Juanita fancied a hot chocolate.

1c off Greenaldn

Raffles was full with the nearly dead (many of whom weren’t even drinking anything!) so we went to Cafe Bordeaux. We were moved firstly from the seats by the window with no explanation whatsoever and had to get our own menus. When someone did bother coming to take our order, we were about to be moved yet again! The place was virtually empty so no excuses for the lack of service. Despite Juanita ordering just one drink, two came. The waiter put sugar on the table even though the stuff was packet and already too sweet. When lunch came, it was cold apart from the fries in their own basket. Juanita’s crepe was stuck to the plate and sauce congealed. By the time I had dessert, there was a queue forming for lunch and no one bothered to attend to them, still doing nothing when we left. The Captain came on later when I was in the internet cafe to say he was waiting to hear from the Southampton office about adding an extra port. Did a few quizzes in the afternoon then after dinner.

Misty off Greenland

I went to the crew X-Factor show in the theatre while Juanita returned to the cabin.

Crew X Factor judges

Crew X Factor contestants

And so on the 13th we arrived at our first port since the 9th – yay! It was 3c as we arrived and the Captain said we’d get up to 6 – a veritable heatwave!

Nuuk arrival


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3 Responses to Aurora Cruise – Dublin to Nuuk

  1. Rayaylott says:

    Great blog, keep up the good work

  2. dawn trapnell says:

    loved reading your blog, we were on same cruise as you and it brings back so many memories. we called the “nearly dead” the saga club so can relate to that as well. But wow what a storm.

    • Hi Dawn,

      LOL! Great name. I must remember that. I found the old people fell into two categories – young at heart and miserable gits and most seemed to be in the latter. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Yes great cruise. Up there with my favourites. i think the weather kept taking the Captain by surprise. Must have got all his weather from the Met Office, like when Max Rossi said there was a ‘chance of showers’ at Geiranger while pouring!

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