Aurora Cruise – Nuuk to Reykjavik

Explorers put me and Juanita onto different times for the Nuuk Heritage Trail tour, even though there hadn’t been a choice when you booked. Juanita went to see if she could be put on mine but was told no, I had to change if we wanted to be together. So I did that and the bastards charged me the new price of £41 instead of £39! We did have our stickers though. I also became ticket 66 from number 1. My back had been hurting as we’d arrived for 8am so I did enjoy the opportunity to rest it. We went to the theatre not long after 11am and our number was called about 11.40am. We were on the tender going around in circles about half an hour as he waited to dock alongside the jetty. Then we were divided into three groups and our guide turned up late, having coffee in the tourist information place.

First stop was the heritage museum and by then my back was hurting so much I couldn’t continue. I told our guide who then got our escort. It was arranged one of the tour guide’s people would come and get me. As I waited in reception I saw Jacqueline and Bill. In the end the escort took me back to the tender, having spoken to the security people, helped me down the ramp and onto the tender before rejoining the group. I decided to phone home even though it would cost a fortune! Ordered room service and when Juanita got back she said you may as well have just got the tender and walked around. Apparently the church was closed due to the Danish Queen visiting the next day and the cranes are building a supermarket.

We upped anchor after 6pm and were off to Reykjavik. We went to the animated characters quiz in Champions which was all Disney and we won thanks to Juanita’s knowledge that time. Next was the quiz in masquerade with DJ Pablo and we won – yay!

A sea day since we were now buggered up. Passed a few icebergs and also (which we missed) some seals on ice floes.

Ice floes


I saw whale spurts but no whales. Usual morning quizzes then lunch. Scattergories in the afternoon and picture quiz. NOW they had the clock and sex toy back. The sea got bad in the afternoon and by dinner it was at least a Force 9, reaching 10 before calming.

Force 9

Quizzes again at night and we came second in both, losing the tie-break in the last.

The next sea day we went to cheer Cedric on at line dancing before heading to Champions for the quiz after bumping into Mike en route. Beth and Gareth were already there.

Cedric line dancing

We also went to the Playhouse to cheer Marg and Cedric on at the Aurora singers (or as Cedric calls it, the choir). Beth turned up but Gareth chickened out, probably in case Cedric roped him in. A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square made me think of Steve Read since it was played at his funeral even though it hadn’t been on the order of service. With all this News International stuff going on, I’d love to know his thoughts on the actions of his former employers. Juanita went back to the cabin afterwards while we all went to Lido deck. I left them and apparently Cedric went to the other end of the Orangery after getting his food. I had a chicken sandwich from the Sidewalk Cafe. We’d arranged to meet Mike in the Crows Nest since he and the other wedding party were congregating there before the ceremony. We waited and waited and he turned up 10 minutes late.

I saw the Captain head towards the Uganda Room and after a while we left. Smart night but since the rules are ambiguous, I couldn’t be bothered to change. It was getting up to a forced 5 but then it calmed and we had some gorgeous lighting.

Sun setting

Juanita went to the show but I didn’t. There was also another crew show, which was a version of Strictly, but we didn’t go to that either. Watched Life on Mars on the telly instead.

Putting the clocks an hour forward threw many people. We got up about 9.45am. I was beginning to think Juanita was lying dead in her bed since she’s always out and on the stern deck eating breakfast at a ridiculous time of the morning. She went to eat and I went to Champions for Gavin’s final music quiz unless he comes up with something for our last two sea days. Then we sighted land as we began to arrive in a cold but sunny Reykjavik and bumped into Jacqueline and Bill on the Prom deck. The temperature, we were told, would get up to a whopping 11c – get out the sunscreen!

Reykjavik arrival

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