Aurora Cruise – Reykjavik to Akureyri

We went to the One Hit Wonders quiz with Gavin in Champions while Juanita had breakfast. I should have got a couple of those including Nut Rocker (only heard of through my ex!) and failed to put one of Juanita’s guesses down. Wouldn’t have made any difference. Our friendly rivals still won! Getting back to the cabin I found a letter saying my excursion at Geiranger had been cancelled due to lack of interest. As I made my way to Explorers I bumped into Cedric and Marge outside their cabin and we chatted a while before being joined by other people. Then I went before the desk closed. I ended up booking Mount Dalsnibba which was short and sweet because it went to the viewing points. The girls seemed to be under the impression you can walk it. Okay! Outside for our arrival into Reykjavik on a cold but sunny day. Mike found me as we were docking and a short while later we were joined by Sue. Once we were in I went to grab something to eat before we headed off into town on the shuttle.

The bus was BOILING! The heat was cranked up and you couldn’t get any cool air whatsoever. The journey took about 15 minutes but Juanita was so hot she was almost stripped off. That would have done for a few of the nearly dead if she had! We were dropped at the tourist shop then had a wander around. Free food was dished out, which was from the bins, cooked up and fed to the masses.

There were also two people dressed as whales while others handed out leaflets saying tourists shouldn’t eat the meat. Mike said he was at the English pub so we decided to go and surprise him since it turned out he was just around the corner from us. He got me a Coke and Juanita and orange which ad ice in, despite not wanting any. Apparently you run up a tab and pay at the end, which is silly with tourists sitting outside and buggering off unless Mike failed to tell us something!

Me and Mike at the English Pub

After a while we bumped into Cedric and Marge then chatted with them for a while, me with Cedric and Juanita on another bench with Marge.

Marge and Cedric

While Juanita went to look at a church, I went to a statue near the shuttle to wait only was frozen after 40 mins so sent her a text saying I was going back to the ship.

New church

After port security I got chatting to an Australian couple from Melbourne. I was in the cabin about 5.30pm and she arrived 40 mins later! It was casual/C&W so Cedric wore his Australian hat. We passed a bloke on the stairs afterwards in full cowboy get up. We went to the British sitcoms quiz and would have won if I hadn’t crossed out the correct answer for Dear john. In the end we tied with our friendly rivals only for them to beat us on the tie-break. They correctly answered the year Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em started while I put the year it ended! Then on deck for a wander and the wind had dropped drastically from during the day. It was very pleasant. I went to the Cyb@Study and the log in page wasn’t loading so the bloke checked on them all. He managed to get it on mine via the actual site. He went off duty at 10pm then an ex-pat from South Africa came in and we chatted about various things including her being on the previous trip. In the end she decided not to bother. Juanita had gone to watch The King’s Speech which for some daft reason was in the Curzon rather than Playhouse. I got ready for bed watching the webcam and saw the sun setting near midnight so threw some clothes over the top and headed out.

Early start in the morning after a night of not rocking because we had an excursion! The Double Back On Yourself – I mean, Golden Circle. It was for 8.30am, meeting 20 minutes earlier. Now the Horizon stated you collect your stickers and go to the quayside at the stated times BUT the nearly dead began going out from 7.30am as soon as they’d collected their stickers!

We were on bus 8 out of 10 and spotted Cedric and Marge pass to board theirs (10). Annoyingly first stop was Eden for a ‘comfort stop’ just 30 mins after setting off and we were there the same amount of time. I decided to buy a Coke from the petrol station across the road rather than get gypped in a tourist trap. Bumped into Brian and Val. Well they saw Juanita and asked where I was. Brian was telling us how they won the travel quiz the night before (Where in the World) with 20/20 and got a bottle of wine. There was a trick question which had Southampton as the answer. Anyway on their bus two rows back was a bloke moaning that someone got 20 in the quiz! Some people just take it too seriously. The next stop 75 minutes of nothing but mountains and green later was the geysers.

We had half an hour there before lunch at the Hotel Geysir half an hour later. We only had an hour, sat 6 to a table, had a jug of water and were brought courses to dish up. First was soup which had carrots in. Eventually the main course arrived which was salmon, new potatoes and some other stuff which wasn’t nice.

At 12.15pm we had to go and that’s when the coffee arrived! Then it was the waterfall and there was an option to stay on the bus and go down to the lower car park to meet everyone walking down so I and two others did that. Worked out quite well since it was actually the better angle in the limited time we had.

Penulimate stop after too long was Pingvellir/Pingvallavatn, which was going on a viewing point overlooking the tectonic plates and lakes then walking down. Again they had the option to stay onboard so 4 became 6! Due to the guide’s crap instructions about the bridge, Juanita phoned to ask whether she’d said to go or not. She found us in time. Then we made our final stop at the Pearl where there’s an even better geyser (like the lady sat next to me said at lunch) and we went up onto the viewing platform on the roof.


Again it was half an hour then the slow way back to the ship. We got back to the port at 5.10pm so ten minutes late and saw Cedric helping Marge off their bus. Cedric suggested we join the other queue and it turned out to be the slowest. Isn’t that always the way??? So we were back in the cabin at 5.30pm and it was bloody formal night! It was meant to be the day before but the early arrival threw everything but they really should have changed it to casual and bugger standards! People were tired after long tours. After I half-changed, I went to the Terrace Pool for sailaway and meet Mike where he gave me a kiss. He introduced me to the bride Sue and groom Dave.

Dave, Mike and Sue

We had Sailing as the last song again which always makes me think of Steve Read now. Then I went back in to finish off then dinner! Juanita suggested we, Cedric and Marge went to have a formal photo taken afterwards, which we did in the atrium. They then went to the show while I returned to the cabin. Life On Mars was mysteriously replaced by the Aurora video which not only features public rooms from Oriana but also shows Artemis! We went onto the Prom deck for the extremely slow sunset and it was so cold you could see your breath.

Juanita went to sleep after a read and cuppa as she defrosted while I tried again to watch that ep of Life on Mars only it froze at the same point resulting in the P&O video kicking in!

Bit of a lie in because we weren’t due to arrive in Akureyri until 12.30pm. Juanita headed to breakfast about 9.45am then I thought I’d get up. I went up on deck as soon as the Eyjarfjordur came into view from our window. It was freezing and the upper decks were closed initially, opening after I’d done a circuit of the deck. I saw Gavin with the shuffleboard lot as I passed then phoned my dad. Aurora’s funnel was puffing out a heart shape – awww.

Aurora's smoke in a heart

Back inside for a while then off to the caricatures quiz while Juanita got her excursion sticker from Charlie’s and we won – yay! Another P&O notebook. The clock and sex toy are eluding us! Then up onto deck and it was much warmer now. Mike found us and then we bumped into Jacqueline and Bill as we were docking. Such glorious weather!

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