Aurora Cruise – Akureyri to Alesund

Juanita had her Jewels of the North excursion so I decided to take a wander into town since we were docked so close. Unfortunately, due to my back, I could only get so far before having to turn around and come back. I bumped into Mike first followed by the two Sues. There was also Mani from the shop going out for the day. Along the water were about four families of ducks all with ducklings.

In the tourist shop on the dockside the photographer Darren inside the penguin suit was mucking around. I went to the Cyb@Study and the log in page wasn’t coming up. In the end (since I was the only one left) I decided to go at 5pm only for Christian to dash out and wave me back so a good job the lift was slow! I told him it was my fault! Juanita’s tour arrived back late so we didn’t sail at 6.30pm as planned. There was a huge queue on the dockside by the time I went. At dinner, Cedric had a bit of a grumble he was after the pink coconut sweet only someone (Beth) took it. Our waiter brought him a small plate containing 5.

We went to the 70s quiz with Stacey in Champions and only 4 teams including Brian and Val. We got 14 and another table 15 only then Juanita spotted one of our answers had been marked wrongly so it was a draw. Since Stacey didn’t have a tie-break question she split the prize which was the sex toy – yay!!!! Just need the damn clock now! After we had a brief chat with Brian and Val, Juanita went to the Abba show in Carmens while I headed on deck to try and get this cloud going across the mountains only by then it was blowing a gale and most of the mountains were covered! In to defrost. Brrr!

Clocks forward an hour as we were at sea heading to Norway. I popped into the Emporium and then got a phone call from Mike just as I was leaving to ask where I was. I told him outside the Medina on deck 7 talking to him! He turned up after a while wearing his coat because he thought I was on deck. I told him it was too bloody cold! Popped to the Playhouse to catch Cedric and Marge and he told me he’d gone to the theatre the night before and said next to a lady who said to him, “You’re from that noisy table, aren’t you?” Fame at last! Grabbed one of their awful jacket potatoes. No idea what the cheese is but it’s horrible and the Fries (why can’t P&O have proper chips????) hadn’t been drained properly. A thoroughly horrible breakfast/lunch. Back to the Playhouse to catch the end of the final rehearsal and chat to Cedric and Marge. Contrary to the noon announcement we had rough seas. I had a sinus headache so was feeling sick as it was and this just made it worse. At 2pm in the Curzon was our celebrity speaker – Chris Ellison from The Bill. At last, someone since Allen Stewart on the 7th I’ve heard of!

Mike sat next to me down the front and Chris was outside afterwards posing for photos and signing autographs. I said hi from Graham Cole, as he’d asked me to via Twitter and Chris said he hadn’t seen him for ages. Mike went to wait in the Crows Nest while I popped back to the cabin where I found Juanita sleeping. She came up with me and we had a drink then left to meet some people before going to the Playhouse for Breakfast at Tiffanys only it wouldn’t be finished until dinner so with it being formal night buggered that up. I went to the Emporium before 6pm to get something to settle my stomach then changed after a little lie down. At dinner, Marge and I had the Cherries Jubilee only they plonked the ice cream on too soon so it left too much alcohol in the bowl. She swapped with Cedric while I just left it. Juanita and I then went to the Atrium for a formal photo. Then the internet and I saw the Captain – thud! He, Natalie and some other woman got in the lift to go to the second sitting Portunus party in the Crows Nest. Being a lowly Ruby I’m unwanted by P&O! I don’t care because I had a far better time joking with Christian in the Cyb@Study. At 10.30pm was the Great British Pub Night with Suzanne and Gavin so I went along while Juanita said she may go to the Playhouse if her back was up to it. I joined Mike, Dave, his wife, Sue and Phil and it went on till gone midnight. Sue won a prize for the tongue twisting, Dave got a spot prize for his laughing during the Laughing Policeman singalong. We had a weirdly scoring quiz but those at the next table left before scoring was halfway and our paper ended up with a nearly dead who didn’t understand the scoring, couldn’t read without his glasses and couldn’t add up our total! Then I left them to it about 12.20am and headed to bed. Juanita hadn’t gone to the late showing of Breakfast at Tiffanys after all.

Up at 7am for our arrival and hopefully seeing at least Ryndam somewhere around. Due to various factors so far I’d missed every ship on my list but now we were back on schedule some were guaranteed. Ryndam, however, wasn’t because of her berth. Now we had a container terminal instead of anchoring by Marina, would I see any at all as I grabbed breakfast? Well yes. Both were behind, though Marina was farthest as she was a 10am arrival. Originally Ryndam was 8am as were we but we were changed to 9am (back to leaving 2359) while the HAL was 9am.

Marina and Ryndam outside Alesund

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