An Epic Reunion

Two posts from me today – wow! This time it’s about NCL’s newest ship, Epic. I was one of over 2000 people (including the press) who travelled on the disasterous cruise from Rotterdam to Southampton on the 21st June 2010. She wasn’t ready, things broke down (including the lift the day of boarding), check in was chaos with announcements only heard if you were near the desks with bugger all chairs to sit on and her propeller broke. The last one at least gave us five extra hours aboard! Cruise from hell it was, but leaving aside all of that, the ship itself was fantastic. I arrived the day she did into Rotterdam, the 19th June 2010, so I could watch her sail then return for me to board two days later.

My first view of Epic in Rotterdam from the taxi. 19th June 2010

She certainly takes some getting used to! But after a while, you look past the heavy monobrow and other aspects because she has some very nice lines. I saw her sail from SS Rotterdam, where I was staying.

She returned two days later and little did I know she was broken!

And so off we went to Southampton half an hour late, boats and the old Rotterdam saluting us as we left that wonderful city.

My dad was on Hythe pier filming us arrive while NCL were filming it too from the ship, getting my dad and his white cap! My dad’s video is an hour behind because someone forgot to put the clock forward – me!

That always makes me excited! I think it’s the music. It builds up, like a horse near the winning post – we’re nearly home so can get off! But despite the bad stuff and the few things I don’t like, what does impress me about NCL over other lines is the food (BEST at sea!), no poshing up, and they retain spacious public rooms no matter how big the ships become, unlike other lines where they cram you into cupboards – that’s if you can even get in them. No such problems on Epic. She did head off on her press and TA jolly, albeit over a day late.

And when she returned on the 24th, she boarded passengers for the journey to New York.

And that would be the last I’d see of her – or so I thought! I’d wanted to go back on her since one bad overnight trip doesn’t give a proper experience of the ship. I thought it would be a long time, since I want to sail on Jade again too only haven’t managed it. Then I saw a good deal on NCL’s website for a week in the Med in October and booked. I hadn’t been able to last time as a single passenger (Gem and Jade were booked by someone else via travel agent) but Claire Riches had told me at Steve Read’s funeral in February they were changing that. NCL UK on Twitter were very helpful over my one digit error on my year of birth so I now have the correct info, including Latitudes status. The itinerary doesn’t interest me, since I did similar on Celebrity Constellation the same time last year. It’s an Epic cruise I’m going for and can’t wait!

Fresh from Norwegian Epic in Southampton. 22nd June 2010

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