Drug Boat Louise in Southampton

The media today has copied and pasted a press release from the UK Border Agency about this luxury yacht having a drugs stash found on it in Southampton in June.

Largest-ever cocaine haul seized by officers

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Tuesday, 02 Aug 2011

1.2 tonnes of drugs were found on this yacht

A record haul of cocaine seized by the UK Border Agency has led to the arrest of six members of an international drugs ring.

The 1.2 tonne seizure, which has a purity of 90 per cent and is worth up to £300m, was found hidden inside a £1m pleasure cruiser at Southampton docks in June.

Since then the UK Border Agency (Opens in a new window) has helped Dutch police track members of the crime gang, who were yesterday arrested in the Netherlands.

It is the largest ever quantity of Class A drugs ever seized in the UK.

Six day search

Officers from the UK Border Agency’s crime team originally targeted the luxury yacht Louise as it was transported to Southampton from the British Virgin Islands in a cargo ship.

UK Border Agency spent six days carrying out a thorough search for the contraband.

The drugs were eventually found hidden away deep behind the bathing platform of the yacht, having been packed inside this specially prepared space in Venezuela.

The seizure formed part of an operation with the Dutch police, acting on intelligence provided by the Serious Organised Crime Agengy (Opens in a new window) international network and in close cooperation with the French customs investigation service.

High purity

The cocaine originated in South America is 90 per cent pure, much higher than the average of 63 per cent for cocaine seized in the UK, and is estimated to be worth between £50m and £300m based on current wholesale or street value.

Immigration minister Damian Green said: ‘This was a significant drugs seizure which was made possible by the co operation of our international partners. UK Border Agency staff have shown vigilance, dedication and determination to uncover this shipment.

‘Our efforts have helped bring an international crime gang to book and the message is clear; we will investigate and prosecute anyone who tries to smuggle banned substances through UK borders.

‘By keeping the border secure we play a key role in stopping drugs entering the UK and in reducing the harm they do to our communities. We aim to protect society from the violence and corruption that always accompanies the trade in illegal goods.’

Yet what they’ve omitted to mention is the boat in question was towed into Southampton by police boat on the 6th July. The following two photos were taken by my dad between MSC Opera sailing and Aurora casting off.

Southampton 6th July 2011

Drug boat Louise passing Aurora. 6th July 2011

The following were taken by me from Aurora.

Drug boat Louise and police boat (circled) from Aurora. 6th July 2011

So where had she been and what were they doing? Answers on a postcard please!

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One Response to Drug Boat Louise in Southampton

  1. No I just recognised the boat as the one my dad snapped. LOL! He thought it was broken down and thought it amusing to see a post yacht being towed. I just want to know why this happened if she was here already, if you know what I mean. Nothing has mentioned her leaving Southampton yet clearly she did, was dragged back 4 weeks ago and is still here. My dad was a police officer, my maternal grandfather a tax inspector so have an inquisitive nature! Never take anything at face value in press releases because there’s always something not said.

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