New Adventure For Spirit

It’s been announced today by FTI Group of Germany that, from the 21st May 2012, the current Spirit of Adventure will be sailing for them so gets another lease of life. The name given is MS FTI Berlin, which is a bit of a mouthful since doubtless everyone will just call her Berlin, which was her original name in 1981. She has operated under Saga since 2006, and the only ship in their fleet not to have an age restriction. As everyone knows, Saga Pearl II will replace her as Quest For Adventure (her originally intended role) from the 6th May 2012. Initial itineraries as Berlin have her sailing the Eastern Mediterranean but maybe she will venture to northern Europe if she is a success. You can look up the Berlin cruises and thanks to Oliver Asmussen of Ocean Liners Pictures for the link and information.

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One Response to New Adventure For Spirit

  1. crociereuk says:

    I keep missing out on Cruise news, this had totally past me by! I was expecting her to join All Leisure Group/Hoping for it anyway!

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