Cruise Lines and Social Media

Now Royal Caribbean UK have their own Facebook page – yesssssssss!!!!!!!! – I thought I’d do a blog. Once upon a time, not really that long ago when you think about it, you had to either phone or write if you wanted a problem resolved by a cruise line. You’d be stuck on the line for ages – which hasn’t changed much – or may eventually receive a reply, occasionally missing the point you were making so another letter had to be sent off. Some people still choose to communicate that way. Then came emails, making it faster communication if you had no time to be listening to music or a voice on a loop saying how wonderful the cruise line is you were calling, as well as, “Your call is important to us” (ARGH!!!!!) as the minutes tick by. These days, with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, it’s an even more faster experience. Many cruise lines, large and small, have their own fan pages on Facebook or accounts on Twitter, run by the PR departments. You can share pictures and tips with them and fellow fans and have any queries resolved on an even faster basis. The cruise lines have no longer become aloof and faceless, even though you still can’t see faces! Is this a good thing? Very much so! I have ‘liked’ many cruise line fan pages on Facebook, especially since I love cruising and follow many on Twitter, which include some I haven’t sailed with yet and many now follow me on Twitter. NCL UK were the first in January 2010, and I’d only signed up the month before, which was followed by Princess and P&O 6 weeks later while some others have come to realise there’s a mad shipnut woman worth following in Southampton. 😉 The only problem with Twitter is you cannot send a direct message to someone if they don’t follow you, which can make things a little frustrating if it’s something you don’t wish to discuss publicly. But if they do and you have a problem, it can easily be rectified. P&O, NCL UK, Royal Caribbean UK and MSC especially have been absolute stars whenever I’ve had a problem or needed some help. Sometimes I think P&O get fed up with me the number of times I’ve messaged this year! LOL! The interaction is nice though and you get to know each other because, as well as doing their jobs, they also have a good sense of humour, which makes it easier to ask a question, share a photo or respond to something. I’m sure many of us in the 21st century couldn’t imagine life without our favourite cruise lines being accessible on Facebook and Twitter now. Long may it continue! 😀

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