Southampton Welcomes Cruise Ship Weather Refugees

The media are saying the current gales are the tail end of hurricane Irene. Piffle! How do they explain it usually being windy either side of the equinoxes as the seasons change? It’s not every day the cruise part of the Port of Dover is closed due to weather but it has been known. Several years ago, a friend of mine went to photograph Marco Polo only she didn’t turn up. A ship was in port but it’s not known what happened to the then Transocean vessel on that very windy day. On the 2nd September 2009, we had the unexpected visitor of Crystal Symphony due to weather. She had been due in at Guernsey that day, Dover the next, only came to us for shelter and stayed overnight, sailing exactly four years since she’d last done from here.

Crystal Symphony sailing 3rd September 2009

Meanwhile, Grand Princess and Oceana had been caught in storms. When Oceana returned on the 5th September 2009, she was minus one satellite ball. Grand, meanwhile, arrived 7 hours late and her berth had been swapped with her sister Crown.

Grand Princess arrives at nearly 1pm. 5th September 2009

Oceana minus one satellite ball (left). 5th September 2009

On the 6th September 2010 I went to Cowes for Europa and it was so bad she had to anchor in sheltered waters rather than by the town as Columbus had done a week before.

Europa anchored west of Cowes 6th September 2010

We had some entertainment when Waverley tootled by as we waited for Europa to leave.

Waverley passing Cowes 6th September 2010

And so we come to this year, which has been a bad one weather-wise. Heck I had the bad weather from the moment we left on Aurora on the 6th July until the day before we returned on the 23rd, including 85 knot winds – and that’s summer!

Yesterday AIDAblu and Costa Atlantica were added to our arrivals. The AIDA was coming from Le Havre and made the fastest crossing ever by cruise ship, leaving after 8pm, docking by 2.45am.

AIDAblu arriving 6th September 2011

While Costa Atlantica still had Dover as her destination at 2am but she passed that and headed here, arriving for noon in the pouring rain and gales.

Costa Atlantica arriving 6th September 2011

It’s quite ironic really that I am due to see AIDAblu in Le Havre in 2 weeks and also the Costa Atlantica in Naples next month but I do love our unscheduled visitors. Long may we continue to collect waifs & strays when there’s bad weather! 😀

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