A Ships’ Age – Launch or Service?

Up until 2006 when Cunard announced the ’40th Anniversary’ cruise for the QE2, to take place in September 2007, no one counted launch as the start of their life. After all, until that cynical ploy to sell a cruise (since they couldn’t sell two), everyone correctly stated the 2nd May as her birthday. She undertook a 21st anniversary cruise in 1990, visiting Liverpool and her birthplace of Greenock for the first time yet people STILL insist on citing 1967 as her birth year since Cunard’s stupidity. Cunard made the fatal mistake of linking it to the launch but subsequently backtracked to point that little fact out, yet the damage was done. Cunard nuts and idiotic journlists were insisting she was 41 when she left Southampton for Dubai. This year was the 75th anniversary of the Queen Mary, and events were held in Long Beach. People accept that even though it was service so why can’t they accept QE2 was 1969? A lot can happen after a launch because until the handover, they belong to the yard. Queen Elizabeth could have been bombed instead of luckily escaping to New York in 1940. QE2 was rejected so original maiden in January 1969 cancelled and Cunard could easily have continued to do so if problems weren’t fixed. No one would be citing 1967 if they had! It didn’t help they sold merchandise with 1967-2008 on. Cunard tried another cynical ploy in 2008 when the three Queens met in Southampton by claiming the 22nd April was the day of her maiden voyage. Bollocks! It was a shakedown cruise to the Canaries with engineers and the designer to make sure everything worked! At least she wasn’t actually going anywhere, having a refit instead. They were selling photos in the photo shop of the Queens visit in June 2008 but used the picture from the Queens day. I asked the bloke behind the counter why and he kept insisting it was when the Queen was there. The ship wasn’t in 105 with tarpaulin over her stern when Her Majesty was there and they were also selling photos from that April day! Cunard sold a 5th anniversary QM2 cruise in 2009 yet no one’s claiming it should be 2008. Cunard will say anything and loyalists lap it up. Why? No other cruise line makes up such guff and their loyalists don’t cite launch (or float-out) as the start of their life.

When it’s Queen Mary 2’s birthday? 12th January 2004!

When is Vision of the Seas birthday? 2nd May 1998!

When is Northern Star’s birthday? 10th July 1962! Everyone knows her as the ship who went to the breakers aged just 13.

When is France’s birthday? 3rd February 1962! She went to the breakers aged 44, not 46 and everyone knows that.

When is Canberra’s birthday? 2nd June 1961! No one has even mentioned it’s her 50th anniversary this year.

Cunard cite Queen Elizabeth entered service on the 3rd March 1940 and we know she left aged 28.

Cunard have 1969 for QE2. So why oh why do some people continue to insist it’s 1967???? Since her 21st was 1990, 25th in 1994, 30th in 1999 and 35th in 2004 it’s obvious her 40th anniversary was 2009. Do the maths!

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4 Responses to A Ships’ Age – Launch or Service?

  1. crociereuk says:

    Cunard have also suggested that thier ‘Queens’ will always be named after monarchs and never consorts, ofcourse this is not the case, I believe Queen Mary 2 is named after the Queen Mary, who is named after the consort. The same for Queen Elizabeth. Only Queen Victoria is named after a monarch, I believe! (Your rants amuse me.) 🙂

    • LOL! Technically they could claim she was named after Queen Elizabeth I. 😉 It’s a daft rule female consorts automatically become Queen but males like Prince Albert, Prince Philip, don’t become King. I think they need to reuse Berengaria. 😀

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