Royal Caribbean Eclipses Celebrity

Wow! What a fantastic day in Southampton yesterday. The weather was absolutely perfect for the first meeting on home soil of Indy & Eclipse, while publicity pictures were taken from a helicopter swooping overhead as Indy steamed off Ocean Dock for several minutes before continuing on her way. Indy may be American-owned but she’s earned Southampton Girl status, joining the ranks Cunard and P&O. I know they’re American now, but you know what I mean. She’s a fantastic ambassador for the city, just as they are. Just needs Southampton stamped on her bum and she’d be perfect! 😉 Unfortunately, Eclipse was a party pooper, everyone on the bridge totally ignoring all calls from Indy’s, as well as VTS. She also left at 6pm when it would have been nice to have one following the other. Well the 2013 itins aren’t out yet so plenty of time to rejig so Eclipse can do it properly. 😀 RCCL always put on a good show – just need the ships to cooperate!!!

Indy meets Eclipse

More photos on the Liner Lovers link above and no photoshopping was done. Don’t believe in fakery. Photos should be how things were.

Right, so what are you going to do here next, RCCL (hint, hint)? 😀

Update 30th September: It’s been reported the delay was due to sanitising after a norovirus outbreak during the previous Med cruise.

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