Does Celebrity Constellation Return to Southampton For Autumn 2012?

Celebrity UK say no, she’s still sailing from Amsterdam on the 5th September to Istanbul. That particular cruise calls at Cherbourg so why did the Port of Le Havre add not one (including during that cruise) but calls for her entire Istanbul season on the 30th September? Despite Celebrity UK’s denial, the calls are still listed (updated the 6th October) and Seascanner have a gap during those dates.

Due to the apparent change of itinerary, she will no longer be repositioning from Amsterdam to Istabul on the 5th September 2012. Instead she will sail from Amsterdam and arrive here, the port she last visited in April 2007 as plain old Constellation (which is better without the Celebrity prefix). That was also down to a change of itinerary, when she repositioned here, did a five night cruise then went to refit. I went on that trip. It was my second cruise and my first with Celebrity. I absolutely fell in love with her and wished she would return, only she hasn’t. She repositioned to Dover, then Harwich (where I saw her in 2009) and now Amsterdam for her northern Europe cruises. I went on her again in October 2010 for a week from Barcelona and worried I wouldn’t enjoy her after such a long period of time but my fears were groundless. Even with her ‘Solsticizing’, she was still Connie (though wish they’d ditch the cream drapes in the Grand Foyer and return to gold which match the fabulous staircase) and it felt like coming home. I love Celebrity, have sailed Equinox and Eclipse, but Connie is my ship of choice. She’s the one I’ll be spending my birthday on when I take my very first Caribbean cruise. Some ships just give you that feeling and she’s one so you can imagine how excited I am with this news. I did wonder if the Le Havre calls were a mistake (despite so many of them and having got Reflection wrong!) on the 30th September but asked Celebrity UK via Twitter and they confirmed it. I just wish they had announced this before I booked my 2012 cruises. I’d give ANYTHING to sail on her from my home again.

City Cruise Terminal 25th April 2007

Guernsey 26th April 2007

Southampton 30th April 2007

Constellation sails to refit 30th April 2007

Sailing from Harwich 2nd May 2009

Barcelona 9th October 2010

Villefranche 10th October 2010

Barcelona 16th October 2010

Heading to Barcelona airport leaving Connie (& Sovereign) 16th October 2010

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