Norwegian Epic Cruise – Civitavecchia to Naples

For my tour I’d picked Tarquinia & the Etruscans, which was something a bit different. Originally, when I booked the cruise, I hadn’t planned to do anything in Italy because I’d been before but had been very impressed with the variety NCL had to offer. Meeting point was the Epic Theatre, so not as much of a trek as the Manhattan Room. People blocked the back and only a few sat, despite constantly being told to. 40 buses were doing the Rome on your own – good luck! Wednesday is papal mass or something which caused much frustration 52 weeks before. Two New Zealand ladies called Shirley and Lorraine wouldn’t do it any more than I would since Rome, while nice, is hard enough to see much of in several days, never mind a few hours. Just 22 on our coach 44 plus one escort I thought was a passenger until I spotted her name badge. If anyone had lagged behind she certainly did nothing to keep everyone together. Our guide was called Luca and very interesting. He told us many UNESCO sites are disappearing because there’s not enough money and how some buildings at Pompei had collapsed. It was still foggy inland as we made our first stop to see some burial places of the Etruscans. Nearby was a military firing range!

Then onto the museum with half an hour free time. A snack at the Valle de Marta which was nice. They offered red or white wine and water plus a buffet.

We had an hour so I phoned home after everyone went shopping, not realising until Luca said 5 minutes they’d all buggered off back to the car park! Back to the ship and dock pics then lunch.

I bumped into Shirley and Lorraine, who invited me to sit outside with them. Line dancing was going on by the pool and two of the crew were dancing along and having a good time. Ice cream to follow, butter pecan and chocolate – yum! I went for a wander. Still hazy but nice. Quiet by the Spice H2O. I went back to the padded cell to wash my hair and rest my back until the 6pm meet in the Lounge. Saw the Japanese lady and got talking to Linda Giddens. Natalie decided to teach us towel folding which I and a young girl didn’t do. Up to sailaway and saw the Scottish woman from the flight. They’re really enjoying it. We left first despite Liberty’s thrusters going.

Thomson Dream, Grand Holiday, Seven Seas Voyager & Liberty OTS

Then food! Bumped into Annette, the Canadian from Vancouver then later the other airport couple I hadn’t seen since Monday. Back was killing so stayed in the padded cell except to pop upstairs and show Linda where to find her onboard account on the telly.

Napoli – home of pizza! Despite the Captain saying yesterday we would arrive at 6am, we didn’t. He must have got confused with Palma, though no idea how after so many milk runs. Liberty was right up our bum, although I didn’t know until we turned to enter the harbour. I love Epic but the deck layout is a nightmare getting from one end to the other. Oh for a wraparound Prom deck! Seven Seas Voyager was in the distance heading to Sorrento.

Liberty OTS & Seven Seas Voyager

Grand Holiday at least arrived in daylight, albeit misty. I went up to the sun deck on 18. It was the first opportunity I had since there was no access last year. It’s REALLY annoying Haven (former Courtyard Villas) guests get the front exclusively. Looking over the bow is the best part but the rest of us have to eat to do so. That is extremely disappointing. So it was back down to hunt Holiday after wasting my time up there. As it was she turned to back up and dock behind Liberty.

Grand Holiday

It was now 8.30am and my padded cell hadn’t been done. They don’t seem to start until then for some reason. So breakfast in O’Sheehan’s to kill some time then a wander to kill some more!

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