Norwegian Epic Cruise – Naples to Palma de Mallorca

I got back to the room about 9.30am and found my other rubbish removed – yay! – and a new box of tissues – double yay! Waited for Costa Atlantica, which was due for 1pm. I wasn’t getting off because of my back so these varying times were fine. Chatted to a couple who were from Huddersfield.

Then lunch where I joined Linda and sleep!

Grand Holiday was sailing at 5pm so I went up for that. Some twat said it was a ferry! He waved anyway and got his mate to. Three blasts and Liberty blasted back.

Singles meet for 6pm then sailaway with Annette and Linda. Liberty left first then the Costa slipped out. We went at 7.25pm.

Dinner in Taste but Natalie hadn’t said we should just go in. A few of us were waiting outside. I wondered where Annette and Linda had got to. The ship vibrated badly at times and it made one hell of a racket. Tommy and Sandra from Belfast, Christina, Amy, Carol, Sandra from muster and some others whose names I didn’t catch on our table. Annette, Carol and I went after 11pm, some of the last stragglers with Liam, Angie and an American who spent the past 3 days attached to an IV. She’s asthmatic with other health problem and said they didn’t have the correct drugs for anaphalactic shock so they had to use hers but they reimbursed her. She said they could smell the fuel in the cabin during bunkers. Liam had his gratuities removed for various reasons, none of which he gave.

A sea day to Palma de Mallorca. I slept till nearly noon though did wake a few times. Why do NCL and Celebrity have the Captain’s announcement at 9.30am instead of noon as with P&O, Princess, Cunard? Mind you, at least it IS the Captain and not the Officer of the Watch. But is it his job to plug the casino, art auction or other things, turning it into an audio Freestyle Daily? No! Lunch of chicken strips and chicken pot pie in O’Sheehan’s then on deck to phone home while we had a signal from Sardinia.


Bumped into Linda as I was walking to the stern and the crew were conducting more repairs. The floor is like cork the way it gets so many holes. I hope they change the material when she has her refit whenever. It was a bit chillier than Monday’s sea day but a vast improvement on 52 weeks ago! Had a kip after washing my hair. I have never slept so much on a cruise. I think they put something either in the food or aircon which makes you tired after eating then hungry when you wake up! My lights went out because my improvised card wasn’t connecting properly so the card Claire Riches gave me at Steve Read’s funeral also went in. I was rapidly running out of things which fit. But the slot has to be the biggest waste of time at being ‘green’ since the rest of the power stays on so it defeats the purpose really. Popped my head into the lounge for the 6pm meet. Natalie said she wouldn’t be coming back to Epic next year because they want Spanish people. She also said it’s unusual for someone to get more than two contracts on one ship while entertainment people, like Cirque etc have passenger privileges. Amy was off to Cirque Dreams and I was seeing the Blue Man Group. Why do people with mobility difficulties arrive near the start time, meaning they struggle to get a decent seat? It was a great show and lasted 85 minutes with no interval but you’re not allowed to take photos or video during it. The German couple next to me didn’t laugh or clap once. Many people (mainly old), including them, left when there was just over 10 mins of the show left. Why???? Bumped into Carol, who was going to get a drink before the second show of Cirque Dreams.

I tried the Manhattan Room but there was a horrendous queue so up to the Garden café. Got my drink refilled then checked my booking tomorrow at La Cucina, which is 7.45pm, even though my e-docs said 7.30pm.

Early start since we were arriving in Palma de Mallorca for 6am instead of 7 like the other ports. Or it would have been only I couldn’t be bothered. Thomson Dream would have already arrived at 5pm, AIDAvita was 6am and Silver Spirit 8am. I got up about 7.10am and when I went up for breakfast, Silver Spirit was docking. Good timing!


Thomson Dream

Silver Spirit

I had a good view of the Silversea and Thomson as I ate and was delighted to finally have every current ship of the AIDA fleet.

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