QM2 Cruise – Madeira to Gran Canaria

After a snooze, I went out at lunchtime to catch the shuttle and hoped it had stopped raining. Really annoyingly, the aircon was kicking out cold instead of hot after their electrical ‘tests’ so I woke up with a sore throat. There’s a new terminal at Funchal which buggers up chances of taking dock pics if you’re using it. It’s also a bloody long walk, especially coming back onboard. I hopped on the shuttle and there was just me and a crew member. It was still spitting a little despite the now sun. I took some pics of the shippies and had a bite to eat in a café opposite Mary. A couple from Arcadia were in so we got chatting.

I got the shuttle back. They’ve changed the entire port area since I was last there nearly 4 years ago so even if I hadn’t got a bad back, I wouldn’t have walked now some great photo spots have gone. Coming back there were no directions which way to board and as we all queued, it started raining again. I got back on after more than half an hour. Despite a gangway down there, everyone was directed to this one. It was just crazy.

I went to the Golden Lion for a Coke then ordered room service after reporting the aircon problem. A cabin by B Stairway was being stripped and smelled awful.

For sailaway it was dry – wow! We went first, having a horn battle with Arcadia and winning – both rounds!

Pre-dinner Coke in the Golden Lion and David Copperfield was there before his first show so I had a picture taken with him. He was on my first Lizzie and now first Mary. The crappy internet was a nightmare then crashed so I went to the Golden Lion for a late night Coke and some crisps.

I ordered room service for Tenerife after the disasterous breakfast in the Britannia and it came before 7am. But why do they start that late when people have early tours? Then I went on deck for our arrival. Balmoral was already there while Liberty of the Seas was up our fat bum. Surprisingly, we didn’t turn before docking and also stopped at the first berth. That meant Liberty would pass us to dock. It was an amazing sight!

I then had to go for my tour so couldn’t watch her tie up because she was late. I got on my bus of 33 people and as we were driving away from the port, another ship was backing up past our fat lady! Only three were expected and our guide told us Voyager of the Seas had been diverted due to bad weather around Ponta Delgada. A bonus!!!!

The tour was dull, though not as bad as the one I’d done nearly 4 years earlier. In fact, the bloke in front kept muttering about her shutting the hell up because she talked incessantly. We had a stop for some wine and goats cheese and the toilets are appalling. We were back at 1.45pm so I went walkabout. At least Tenerife hadn’t poncified itself, ruining good photo ops. I asked the security guard of Liberty about Voyager but he had no idea it was even there. I asked someone heading from Voyager, only he turned out to be from Liberty but did say it was all aboard for 4.30pm. I asked that guard anyway and as I was doing so, two American Liberty passengers nearly walked onto Voyager. Back to my fat black beauty, phoning my dad as I took the looooooooooooong walk back. At 4pm the Captain came on to say we had norovirus. There’s a surprise – not! Up for Voyager’s 5pm sailing but before that, I spotted a rainbow almost arcing us. Two crew rushed out to see it. One had been on Balmoral at the beginning and has also been on Oceana and Oriana. Voyager left just after 5pm and it was spitting. She gave one blast as she pulled out and, as she was levelling with Liberty, they had a horn battle. Voyager’s sort of melodic followed by Liberty’s fart. Not one to be left out, Mary blasted at Voyager.

Before 6pm, the Captain came on to say TWICE we were leaving at 5pm. Huh???? We left late due to waiting for the pilot but then gave three blasts ot indicate going astern and Liberty farted back. It was very tight as we turned but we didn’t hit anything! Liberty the quietly slipped out. Better give her some more beans!

At 7pm I had a knock at the door. “Good evening, sir – Madam,” it went. “We’ve come to sanitise your room.” I asked if they wanted me to leave and they said I could stay then I was asked if I’d reported to the medical centre today. “No,” says I, “I’ve been out.” “Are you alone?” he asked. “Yes,” says I and he checks his list. I was on the one he wrote but not the one he’d been given. 6025 and 6082 were on it as well as about nine others. Golden Lion for a pre-dinner drink. It was semi-formal but, considering what half got away with on formal nights, I couldn’t be bothered to change. Everything’s topsy-turvy with some people who dressed up on casual night. I had an early start to was in bed before I turned into a pumpkin.

Room service for Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. This is a new port to me and I think to Marykins. I couldn’t even go to watch our arrival but Balmoral was with us again and docked opposite.

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