QM2 Cruise – Gran Canaria to Lisbon

Gran Canaria is beautiful. It rained in the mountain on our tour but then was boiling back in Las Palmas.

Once we got back to the port, I went wandering for ship pics. This is why I prefer a cruise to a transatlantic. Going on an expensive taxi service from A-B, you take photos of your taxi at one port then again a week later at the other end. On a cruise you have many photo opportunites and great angles, depending on the actual dock you’re berthed at. This one gave me different ones to Tenerife.

There were hundreds of locals around ignoring little Balmoral. An old man asked a couple if they were from the Queen Mary to which they replied, no, Balmoral. I told him I was. He wanted to know what time we sailed so I told him 6pm. Balmoral was going then and they wanted us to be first to take proper photos. Mary’s presence was a huge thing on the island. There had been media when I disembarked for my tour and before I went through security I spotted a large poster down one of the buildings. Along the dock were various vintage cars including an old Ford, Mercs, Jags, MG, Rolls to the more modern ones. We had some drummers for sailaway and Captain Oprey said twice we would be going at 5pm when it was almost 6pm! He also said we would go after the others, even though there was only Balmoral. His deputy, Robert Camby, would take her out “For practice”. As it turned out, despite Balmoral beginning to single up well before the hour, we actually went first and early as the carson the dockside tooted their horns at us. Blastmania and even Balmoral gave three parps, which she never does at home! Balmoral also had one of those giant hands and began to back out after we’d swung our fat bum then followed us out. Once we dropped the pilot, we gave eight blasts. It was a fantastic send off.

Dinner, Golden Lion with Maureen, George, Jim and Audrey then back to the cabin where I got so frustrated with the crap internet and ended up cracking my tooth on a Tic Tac! I wasted an hour trying to do the last blog instalment and the result is my tongue being stabbed and it still not published!

Lanzarote – or Lanzagrotty as it’s often called! Breakfast arrived just before 7am then I hurtled upstairs for our arrival. I saw Adventure of the Seas already alongside and that we were turning to back in so headed down to deck 6 where Audrey and Jim were. A woman there said there were only 14 sprogs on this trip, most of which are babies so her daughter has no one to interact with except her brother. She said the kids club lady told her there had been 400 on the preceeding transat.

Adventure of the Seas

My tour was the last of the day so I didn’t have to be in the theatre until 9.40am. I decided to try the internet again and it was faster – yay!!! Our tour was actually very boring with three stops which had a sample of wine and shops! Surprisingly I found sticks of rock at the first one although it doesn’t say Lanzarote all the way through. But then, at our third stop, an elderly Scottish bloke was sick getting off the bus. He looked really pale and ill and they arranged for a taxi to pick him up at our final stop and take him and his wife back to the ship. Meanwhile an old American woman panicked. It turned out to be the highlight of the trip!

Back at the ship they’d put a barrier between us and Adventure – pah! After a very nice room service club sandwich which contained fried egg it was time for Adventure’s 4pm sailaway! She actually left early, blasting as she reversed past us and she replied then turned ahead. I overheard an arse saying she doesn’t have nice lines and resisted asking if he thinks the box Vistas have!

For our 6pm sailaway it was the deputy again “For practice”. No pods were allowed so he was thrusters or something.

It was pointless semi-formal and I couldn’t be bothered changing. Got chatting to a couple who LOVE Constellation!!!! After dinner I saw my first show which was the Four Hands, One Piano for the first half them David Copperfield for the second and he overran but was enjoying himself so much. He was getting off at Lisbon and flying to Greece to join Vicky.

We had a day at sea as we tootled towards Lisboa and rocked and rolled despite only a force 5. I didn’t get up until after the noon announcement and saw Edwin was still doing cabins so stuck my thing on the door. Found the bridge viewing point and the officer I’d seen a few times since our 2nd sea day came out. He said if he had his way it would be closed because it’s not very good for security.

Lunch in my favourite bar – the Golden Lion! The tables weren’t being wiped because people were too impatient to wait five minutes. One couple arrived as another were leaving, the table was wiped then dried instead of leaving it then they decided to go to another table! I felt sorry for the cleaner. He was having a frustrating job with so many selfish people. The ladies I sat with told me people were removing the notices in Kings Court and sitting at the tables. Saw the Cunard brollies half price in the logo shop so I pointed out I’d paid full. They refunded then charged the new prices. Observation deck was shut – pah! I’ve been on ships with worse weather and decks were open! Prom deck was open and there was a glorious sunset.

The World Club booze up had been cancelled and, during dinner, we began to wonder if the Captain had come down with norovirus. It would explain his mistakes in the pre-departure spiel at Gran Canaria, his deputy doing things and no booze up. Went to the show with Judith from my table. It was called Crazy in Love and didn’t match the description. I have no idea what the hell it was meant to be! Golden Lion for drinks with George and Maureen then bed.

Lisbon! We were already coming in and the ropes being prepared when my alarm went off at 5.45am even though we weren’t due till 8am. So sod that, reset alarm and sleep!

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2 Responses to QM2 Cruise – Gran Canaria to Lisbon

  1. solentships says:

    Great stuff, Patsy.

    As for that officer saying the bridge viewing point should be closed as it’s ‘not good for security’, what does he think can happen with a ship full of wealthy and mostly – shall we say – ‘older’ passengers? Was he a miserable sort?

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