QM2 Cruise – Lisbon to Southampton

It was another flipping drill, this time for all crew doing In Port Manning. I chatted to the Maitre ‘D of the Queens Grill as he waited. He’d been with Princess before. Since I hadn’t bothered doing anything I went around the ship to snap parts I remembered off the top of my head as well as going on the dock for photos of my transport.

Commodore Club

Queens Room

Britannia Restaurant

Golden Lion November 2011

I went to the Golden Lion for a Coke and ended up jdoing the quiz. It was hosted by Naughty Nico, the former Yacht Club DJ on the QE2. Eeeh, Bergen Night!!!! Nothing dirty, just a great laugh till nearly 6am! His bad lad days are over though apparently and now he’s part of the ents team, which is good. Considering I was on my own, getting 11/20 wasn’t bad and some groups had less! Later I went to make an enquiry at the Future Cruises office. Why the hell are the opening times so short???? I went early and I wasn’t the only one. A bloke who helped build Lizzie on the Clyde said it’s always heaving. Two hours at a time is stupid, especially on sea days. Oh I think it’s twice a day then so double. Not enough. Anyway as we waited we talked Lizzie. He said she’s dead and should be scrapped. They’re built, they sail, they become razor blades as it’s always been and the vast majority of ship lovers understand. It’s dignified rather than rotting, unloved. We agreed the hot days, cold nights and all that sand are doing her no good whatsoever. Well he was there was she was born so knows her structure better than anyone since. Sailaway was 5pm and we had to turn first. Captain Oprey was back at the helm. It was pretty cold and I had my cardie and coat but many people without anything warm were hugging themselves to keep warm, stupid idiots. We were late but blasted as we turned into the sunset, again going under the bridge then later to a little boat parping at us.

My aircon went on the blink AGAIN! I reported it spewing out freezing cold air at 8.15am – then again at 10.45pm! Someone turned up ten minutes later.

To the Golden Lion and then bed.

It was Vigo next and, because Spain’s on our timeline but CET, I knew it would be dark when we arrived for 8am whereas us and Lisbon are light so couldn’t be bothered. I wish these morons who want us to do the same would tell the public that little fact instead of banging on about an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon. I did have the alarm set, however, because Grand Princess would be joining us a bit later and I didn’t want to miss that. I was woken up by a knock at the door – my breakfast! I’d ordered again for between 7-7.15am and apologised for my alarm not going off – then it did as he was putting the tray down! Bugger was early! Why don’t Cunard just start the bloody thing at 6.30am and be done with it???? I did the last blog and finished my internet then checked the AIS to see where she was before heading up. When I realised she wasn’t going to dock where Aurora had but going behind our fat bum, I quickly went up two decks and to the end where Captain Oprey and wife were watching. He had a nasty cough.

Captain Oprey and wife

When I went on the dock for photos it was flipping raining. Bloody Grand Princess strikes again!!!!

Thirsty work getting wet so to the Golden Lion! I joined a team for the quiz and we came second with 12 points. Despite ordering a Coke from Daniel when I walked in, it never turned up like every time he took an order. Maybe it’s because there’s no added tip or something with the drinks package. Natalia got me one after I’d waited 35 minutes and apologised even though it’s not her fault. Kip before our 4pm sailaway and big drama on the dock with an ambulance and Richard from my table being called off once the final straggler deigned to turn up (why do people ALWAYS do it when they know when to be back onboard????), although I hadn’t known his last name at that point so didn’t realise until I saw him.

We left late and blasted to Grand who replied then did it again after turning. Grand was heading to Fort Lauderdale for the winter.

Since none of us knew whether it was Helena carted off her her sister, alive or dead, we decided not to say anything to Judith in case it upset her. Poor lady’s 71 and not in the best of health herself. It was the World Club party, postponed from 2 days before. I met up with Maureen and George in the Golden Lion then we went to the Queens Room. No Captain, just deputy who rattled off a brief history of Cunard but got Lizzie wrong. Will someone tell him she DID NOT GO IN 2004???? Then it was “Buy a cruise!” followed by the members with most nights, which is odd considering the do points as well. Just do one or the other!

When did Cunard stop the Baked Alaska Parade? It’s the chefs thing like other cruise lines now while Baked Alaska is just on the menu. Very disappointing. Even Celebrity have it, though some with or without flame depending on ship class. P&O don’t as far as I’m aware. Didn’t during the 18 nights on Aurora anyway, just had the bloody chefs parade.

Me and Judith

It was karaoke in the Golden Lion! I sat with Maureen, George, Audrey and Jim. That’s always good for a giggle though not many get up completely pissed and it’s usually the same ones, which can get a little tedious. But bloody hell, the crowd was more wild than on P&O! Chavs have come to Cunard!!!!! Had to happen! Then bed.

A sea day, and flat calm in the Bay of Evil! Not only that, but it was warm! Didn’t hear the Captain’s noon announcement because I was in the GL with a team and we hadn’t won the quiz. Got 12, same as the table we marked. The Queens Room orchestra played jazz which was very loud but a lot of fun.

Final dinner but GL before it and say again with the reprobates. Peter, my waiter, told me once I got to the restaurant that Helena had fallen on the dock in Vigo and broke her hip. Big relief no one was dead! Bet she’s giving the medical people hell though. The table had been very quiet without her and Richard. Not so much the sister because she often wouldn’t be there or say little if she was except in Portuguese to Helena. Case out and to the GL for one final time to make the most of my soft drinks package.

Up at 4.30am in the morning for our homecoming and to get Balmoral, who was up our bum. It was mild and lovely out there and then it was all over and time to go home.

Reversing into Ocean Terminal


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3 Responses to QM2 Cruise – Lisbon to Southampton

  1. solentships says:

    Lovely night shots, Patsy!

    • You too can get lovely night shots (hint hint LOL!). Seriously, I cannot believe I never went on deck at night. I usually do that early in the cruise. Too much time spent in the Golden Lion. It was a great atmosphere in there while Natalia and Roxana were great.

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