Is Adventure OTS Southampton Bound?

One thing I love about some port schedules is they go so far in advance. I knew in early 2007 we were getting Independence of the Seas in 2008 because the Port of Madeira listed cruises originating from here. I emailed Keith Hamilton, of the Southern Daily Echo, to ask if he’d heard anything but he never replied. Then Royal Caribbean announced it. Now Le Havre, usually accurate, have Adventure of the Seas calling numerous times in 2013. Indy’s back too (yay!!!) and they list her towards the end of the year, calling in Zeebrugge! Are RCI breaking into the Land of Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz???? I never understood why the itins for Indy are so boring. Usual Med, Canaries plus the shorts to Le Havre and Cobh. If the much larger (dimensions-wise) Queen Mary 2 can go to the Fjords, why can’t Indy? Imagine her in that scenery. I’d book! Fjords cruises are incredibly popular and RCI are missing out on that market with their Northern European giant. Or how about a trip to Iberia for a week, including Guernsey? Something different to 11 and 14 night trips. Celebrity Eclipse, from my equally favourite cruise line, is beginning to vary from 2012 by including Norway and Iceland to the already sailed Med and Baltics. I hope they will with Indy. The one mistake, in my opinion, they made with Mariner of the Seas in LA was she replaced only Vision’s itinerary to Mexico when Monarch had a good following on her 3 and 4 nighters. It’s a shame they couldn’t have alternated with 3, 7, 4, 7, 3, 7. Maybe even going a bit north, while including the obligatory Ensenada. Mexico was over-saturated with many doing identical itineraries and less cruise lines were doing them even before the troubles. When I went on Vision, Dawn Princess was doing the same from San Diego while Golden Princess was in reverse order from LA. A little bit of itinerary imagination goes a long way when there’s so much competition.

Speaking of Mariner, when is she going to grace us with her presence? 😉

Anyway, I hope it’s true – and Adventure’s in with Indy at least once! It’s been 20 years since Royal Caribbean first brought a ship here (Monarch of the Seas) and 6 since we got our own for cruising (Legend of the Seas for 2 seasons followed by Navigator in 2007 – my first RCI cruise – then Indy from 2008). It’s always nice to welcome them to our shores, old and new. 😀

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5 Responses to Is Adventure OTS Southampton Bound?

  1. I think your right! 😀 Indy and Andy in comming to Norway in 2013! I can`t wait to see them!

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