Constellation Cruise – Aruba to Curacao

I got up at 11am and, due to lunch not being served until noon, there was only a choice of a late breakfast since I had to be outside by 12.30pm. One thing quite bad is that you’re given shopping information but not port, such as how far we dock to the town, transport available etc which even Royal Caribbean do. I was okay because I had tours but many like Carmel doing it independently didn’t have a clue. Kathy and Shelley were on my tour and an American called Lisa sat next to me. Our guide was called Luis and hilarious. First stop was Fabulous Gardens, a garden centre to be told about 5 native plants. When we got to the first one, it poured down! It stopped as we were at the 2nd one. It was warm rain though so not like back home. Next stop was the California Lighthouse, named after the ship, California, which is meant to have run aground and sunk.

In these islands they dig up the dead after 5 years, put the bones in a smaller box and rebury it near the back of the family tomb, which is a good idea, though I’m sure if it was done in the UK, some people would be up in arms. They’re dead so don’t care what happens to their remains! We went to some rocks I can’t remember the name of then made a couple of stops on the way back to get the sea. Aruba reminds me strongly of the Canary Islands, particularly Lanzarote with the lava and aloe vera plant.

Caribbean Princess kicked up water for AGES, finally going at 6.06pm. Bye bye – see you in Southampton!

It’s quite funny seeing current (Grand), now past (Crown) and future (Caribbean) Southampton ladies within three days of each other. We sailed 10 mins early and there were a couple of Xmas tress in the port.

Port entrance

Dinner and we were the last to leave at 11.05pm.

The 7th was Curacao, home of booze! I was up bright and early at 5.30am because we were due at 7am while AIDAluna was 6am and Horizon 8am. Horizon was a change. It had been originally Ocean Dream but it was still a new ship to me and I already had Zenith. Well when I went on deck the other two were on our starboard side! Horizon would be going in followed by the AIDA while we docked outside.



Back to bed to rest my back because it was really starting to hurt.

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One Response to Constellation Cruise – Aruba to Curacao

  1. Jeff says:

    Nice job as usual Pat… the pic of you on the rocks..

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