Constellation Cruise – Curacao to Barbados

The trolley tour didn’t start till 1.30pm when we would be taken via taxi to the trolley so I could have a proper lunch before leaving and when I got back, I found my lovely steward had brought a plate for my fruit. Never had that before, not even on Cunard. The tour was crap and I wouldn’t recommend it. The only highlight was the people in my taxi Pilar, Novella, another lady and an old bloke called John. They were a scream. The tour lasted an hour and there was an option to stay in town or get the taxi back so we went back.

I headed up for Horizon leaving at 3pm only she didn’t move. A parp about 40 mins later then she moved at 3.50pm, going up to turn, one parp as she neared the entrance, three long and a parp after dropping the pilot and that was it. Since she’s a former Celebrity ship and Pullmantur is now part of Royal Caribbean, you’d think our lot would have acknowledged them.

Coke and chilli peanuts in the Rendezvous then our Captain came on to say we’d be going soon so I went to the Prom deck. We gave a parp as we singled up and that was all.

After dinner went for a wander with Carmel, since she didn’t know where the shops and things were and we were given a key to the Roberto Gold prize necklace, which would be taking place the next day. They were opening a shop onboard. One way to drag the punters in! We went up to her cabin, which is a Sky Suite paid for by her daughter –jammy cow! Mind you, my porthole cabin on QM2 was bigger. Then I left at half past midnight and went to bed.

A sea day – hooray! Carmel phoned at 10.10am to remind me about the Roberto Coin thing so I went up for her half an hour later. Yakkety yakkety yak then the Captain came to open the shop, standing right next to me.

Neither of our keys opened the lock to the prize necklace and the cynic in me suspects a stooge had the winning one since they’re hardly likely to give away something so expensive. I went for lunch then bed, skipping the Captain’s Club. For some reason they had two booze ups, first and second sitting. Maybe there were too many repeat passengers. It would be the same as usual so I couldn’t be bothered aggravating my back for that. When I got up, I found a note under the door saying my tour in Barbados had been changed to 8.45am – bugger! All afternoon was great. Popped to the Seaside Café for another of their wonderful spicy curries. As I waited for my hair to dry, Carmel phoned to tell me she’d seen Bill during her late lunch, would be going to the Tuscan Grille (her second invitation, so I assume you get it free with a suite) and we’d arranged to do the 50s upwards music in Reflections afterwards. As it was she came to the San Marco at 10pm and we ended up leaving about 70 mins later. She and the other at my table came to the conclusion Leatherwoman is actually a Ladyboy!

Grenada! I couldn’t find any cruise schedule for this port so had no idea if anything was in with us. As it turned out there wasn’t anything – boo! I went back to bed after breakfast, such are the benefits of afternoon tours. It had been boiling at 8am and worse when I went down at 11.45am.

Our Creole Escapade tour was in an old Morris open bus so real air conditioning. Some Americans were amazed people have windows open! First stop was Fort Frederick then a rum factory for 15 mins. I stayed on the bus because it was a bugger getting out of so I couldn’t be arsed for minutes.

I passed the time talking to Selwyn, our driver. Last stop the Grand Anse beach where university students were having an end of term booze up. I got my free bottle of Coke, which was warm despite being in the fridge, then went back to the bus.

Selwyn had to back up, turn then reverse and park again. An American bloke whose first cruise it is came back then too. Gradually they all did after the hour and we headed back to the ship. Ours was the last to get back and as a result of being nearly 10 mins late, we got the horn while a bloke came out onto the docking platform waving at us. Before we’d even reached impatient security, the Captain came on to do his pre-departure spiel. We then cast off at 4.50pm, giving three blasts to signal astern. Had another of their delicious curries, which are giving P&O a run for their money and don’t have boned chicken. Went to the show which was The Land of Make Believe about the impending wedding of a couple only the bride is a bit of a fantasist. It was a cross between The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella and absolutely FANTASTIC!

I couldn’t help thinking of that Cunard ‘relationship comedy’ on QM2 a month before which was dire. This was so funny and cleverly done, especially the dragon. Instead of a ‘little dawg’ of Wizard of Oz, it was little mouse. Then dinner. Carmel was late then gave us chapter and verse about her disasterous hairdressing appointment so she ended up doing it herself. I’m so glad she’s on our table. She’s hilarious. I think suspected Ladyboy twigs we know. We were last again, determined Cheryl would get a glimpse of him/her since she has her back to that table, and Carmel is our secret weapon for outlasting everyone else. Loreto said goodnight and was off to get his dinner which was our cue to bugger off and go to Reflections. I had an early start so left at 12.15am.

Ooh I’m going to Barbados…. Due to my afternoon Scenic Drive tour being changed to the morning, I had to stay up. With us arriving for 8am and other shippies around, it made it hard to eat! I was up at 5.30am and really annoyed Marathon Man above was drilling/sawing at 2.04am and 5am. When this ship next goes to refit SOUNDPROOF THE WORKSHOPS!!!!!! The old American bloke was up and I’d told him I’d be there today. Seven Seas Mariner was on our port side in the distance so would be after us while Azura and Royal Clipper were already there. I grabbed a quick breakfast of fruit and when I went up to get Mariner, it poured! I headed to the Prom deck and finished us arriving the3re before popping to the other side and getting Mariner, complete with rainbow.


Seven Seas Mariner

Norwegian Dawn was due for 10am and Wind Star didn’t appear to have shown up. Then I went to put the camcorder on charge and get ready.

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