Constellation Cruise – St Lucia to Antigua

Because my tour wasn’t until 1pm, I had time to eat before heading to the dock. I’d seen people having fish and chips and enjoying it so decided to give it a ago. Ugh!

It is, without a doubt, the WORST meal I’ve had on this trip. The fish was so horrible I couldn’t eat two mouthfuls and the mushy peas were pureed garden peas. I ate the chips which were odd in themselves! Then onto the dock to get pics of my beloved shippy.

Afterwards, I went to join the tour. Pilar was shopping while Novella queued then Kathy and Shelley arrived and we discussed Leather Ladyboy. Our guide Lucretia had us line up in twos like at school, which was no good if you were on your own. Heather from Melbourne, who Pilar knows, lined up with me. We were split into two buses and we had the escort with us. Our driver was Julian and other bloke was Nelson. It was quite a good tour and they worked well together. There were some gorgeous views of the island.

We were the last back, just before 4.30pm. Kathy was last on, Shelley before her and I was ahead of Shelley. As we were going through security, cruise director Sue came on to tell people about the helipad sailaway. You went via the theatre on deck 5 and it was like being on Royal Caribbean! They turned away people with open-toe shoes but not many went anyway. The steps up were steep, so clearly not designed for that, unlike the Radiance class so yet another difference between Radiance and Millennium classes. To many people say they’re the same and they’re not. Only basics are. It was great and they had a helicopter on the H. One of the crew said, “Ladies and gentlemen, your Captain” as the horn blew and he waved from the bridge. When I left, the girl at the theatre door said even crew aren’t allowed on the actual helipad.

Captain Peppas on the bridge

I went to eat and saw Pilar so she grabbed sushi and we sat outside and ate. As dinner finished, Loreto was plugging the speciality restaurants, saying you buy the book and get a bogof meal. They’re clearly having trouble filling them but the menus are so unappealing. Cheryl and Barbara disappeared so me and Carmel went to Perry Grant in Michael’s Club where he was doing a quiz so he rested his singing voice for the theatre show. Carmel fell asleep, though said she didn’t, so we left.

Antigua on the 12th and we’d have a shippy – yay! Enchantment of the Seas was due to be with us today. I’d set my alarm for 5.30am but, thanks to the crew party above my head, I didn’t get to sleep until gone 3am so the next thing I new it was 6.40am. I quickly got dressed and went up, seeing the old American bloke from down the corridor. Enchantment was up our bum – yay! With the awful layout of this ship and crappy windscreen, I’d have hated her being in front.

Enchantment of the Seas

Grabbed some fruit then went back to bed since my tour was in the afternoon.

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  1. Kez says:

    How many chips lol

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