Constellation Cruise – Antigua to St Maarten

I had a tour at 12.30pm, meeting 15 minutes before so I headed out and asked the photographers where the tours were meeting, only to be told to talk to a woman in orange outside the port gate. So off I toddled, getting pics of the shippies en route and was instantly harassed by taxi drivers.

A woman in orange asked if I wanted my hair braided – no! Saw some people so asked if they were going on a tour. They weren’t but pointed me towards a woman in orange holding a sign about helicopter tours. An elderly lady called Bobby from Plymouth was there on the same tour so we got a drink while we waited. She said her granddaughter was second lead in the theatre company on the ship and then began talking about flying to Baltimore. I twigged she was from the other ship so dashed back to the port and saw two groups amassing on each side of the dock. The Royal Caribbean lot were led off and then Bobby turned up, joining ours. Our tickets for the Antigua Highlights were identical, except ours had more writing. Our pink lady called their pink lady to say there was one coming. So off we went to a bus which had a driver/guide called Ellis. First stop was the Blockhouse for the view.

I saw Bobby haggling over some crap necklace. A green bus started to leave so I asked what colour hers was. She said white so we went to those, only for the driver of the green one to come over and say, “Aren’t you the lady on my bus?” So she was led off. Next stop a few minutes away was Shirley Heights and she was shopping again. I told her driver about what happened so far so he said he’d have to watch her and came to take her to the bus again. There are a load of bees around there which look like flies.

Final stop was Nelson’s Dockyard for 45 minutes and we could have rum punch, fruit punch or water. Bobby’s big on astrology and I took her to her bus that time then boarded mine!

Me and Bobby in Antigua

Back at the ship I sat with Novella and Pilar outside and had a drink while my hair dried then went up for Enchantment’s sailaway, which was before us.

Dinner was interesting with Leatherwoman Ladyboy wearing tight white trousers with a top baring her midriff! What pensioner wears things like that? She put her cardie on and as she left, she not only tried to pull the top down, but proceeded to scratch her bum! We went onto the lovely warm Prom deck then I went before I turned into pumpkin at midnight.

St Maarten and my birthday! There would also be other shippies – yay!!!! MSC Poesia was already docking when I went up while Epic was next, us following and finally Navigator of the Seas. It was handy Epic and Connie were on the same pier since I was meeting Ken Maclean from Epic. I had also set foot on every ship in port that day (cruised Connie, Navvy and Epic and visited Poesia) while they had all been in Southampton as well.

MSC Poesia

Norwegian Epic

St Dream I en route to St Barths & Navigator OTS en route to St Maarten

Then time to get ready for meeting Ken and going on the tour!

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