Constellation Cruise – St Maarten to St Thomas

Before I headed out, Carmel phoned to wish me a happy birthday. Ken and I had arranged to meet on the pier at 8.30am if we docked at the same one, so it was lucky we did! This is a pier because it sticks out. Something like in Southampton, Brooklyn etc are DOCKS because they’re part of the land. Why do Americans say pier? Quay may be more sensible. Anyway, Epic’s Captain was on the pier greeting their passengers. He had been on my trip 2 months before.

Epic's Captain (right) and Connie crew (left)

Then Ken came down and we started to leave the port area.

Naviagtor OTS, MSC Poesia and Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic and Connie


Bernard’s Tours had told Ken in the email to meet them at the yellow building, only there were several yellow buildings. So we meandered over there and it was actually by the information centre. There were no signs or anything. We were then led to 2 buses and Ken told me later some people on the other bus thought I was his wife. Even our driver John did. First stop, thanks to bloody kids, was feeding some iguana’s and suddenly everyone else who couldn’t be arsed got off. We stayed in the bus. Second stop was some viewpoint on the French side then we had a ridiculous 1 hour 45 mins at the flipping Orient beach, which was part-nudist beach and an old man was flashing everything he could. It hadn’t said this on the site when Ken booked. We had lunch at the rip off café Pedro’s which was awful. The prices were in euros, such as 10 euros for a horrible sandwich but then they just changed it to dollars so it was the same amount. Ken bought me a towel because I was freezing and also gave me my birthday present which was an Epic tree ornament and a gorgeous blue topaz and diamond pendant. The man’s got taste!

Since Vodafone said it was 9.6ppm to receive calls, I got my dad to phone me. Onto Marigot for half an hour shopping and it pissed down so as soon as I felt spots, I hotfooted it to the bus whole everyone else got soaked. Unlike the rain at the other ports, this was cold like home. Final stop was the Sunset Beach and Bar for the planes landing and we had an hour and saw 2 planes land. Ken also bought me a T-shirt. So much for getting back by 2.30pm as the email had said, so we could watch Poesia sail.

We got back at 3pm instead and went to our separate transport after he refilled with dollars from the cash machine.

When I opened the door to my cabin, I saw a bunch of flowers waiting from Ken, which was a really sweet thing to do. Celebrity never even gave a sodding card!

We were first leaving at sailaway but Navigator ignored us. Barbara and Cheryl were up there too.

Norweigan Epic and Navigator OTS

I was coming down with a cold, thanks to freezing aircon on tours and around the ship, so decided not to see Perry Grant’s theatre show because I’d end up coughing too much. Dinner and I wore the necklace Ken gave me. Barbara and Cheryl gave me a card. Bill said he hadn’t known it was my birthday. Well if he hadn’t been ignoring me most of the time he would have! Carmel arrived at almost 9pm and gave me a postcard because she couldn’t find a card. Leather Ladyboy’s table kept looking over at ours. No idea if it was the birthday stuff or my cleavage but if they disapproved of the latter, they’re hypocrites considering what that had been almost wearing nearly every night! It was the white halter-neck see-your-breakfast dress again tonight. The waiters sang and gave me a cake. Loreto brought it back so I could take photos and even relit the candles. It was cut 5 ways, me having the biggest.

Bill buggered off as usual while the rest of us went to Reflections for the Dessert Extravaganza after Loreto told us he was off to work up there. Ladyboy and brother/hubby were there too.

Then it was time for bed and Carmel came to look at the flowers before heading back to her suite.

Our final port was St Thomas. I was up at 6.30am and when I went up 20 minutes later, we were almost docked! Epic was behind, turning to dock and Eurodam was heading to the Crown Bay dock.


Norwegian Epic

Allure of the Seas was due later but I was falling asleep so went back to bed at 8am. Carmel was coming with me today when I went to meet Ken so I had more time to catch up on a bit before heading to her suite for 9.20am.

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