Constellation Cruise – St Thomas to Fort Lauderdale

I went up to get Carmel at 9.20am and saw Allure was in from her balcony. Bugger!

Allure of the Seas

And so, after meeting Ken MacLean from Epic and due to them wanting a rip off $300 for a taxi, we ended up doing a tour in an open bus. Well you could be outside or in the cab and aircon. The driver was called Camay and there were some miserable people on the bus. Ken, Carmel, me and an Scot ex-pat now living in Vancouver were having a conversation in the back and a woman in front of Ken in a red hat had a go at Carmel! Then this foreign woman next to Ken piped up. “I agree. You are taking a lot of drivel.” Her husband, who was English maybe, then joined in. Excuse me but Ken had the loudest mouth of us all and not one person said anything to him. Was it because he was a man???? I know from dinner experiences Carmel can go on a bit but this was a 4-way conversation and they were unfairly picking on her. It wasn’t as if the guide was saying anything of interest anyway, especially since most things he pointed out where behind bloody trees and the rest of the time he said zilch. Seen one school, church etc you’ve seen them all. The couple got out at the beach but while the wife struggled with the beach bag to get out of the bus (no steps by the middle seats, which is why I sat at the back), the husband who would abuse complete strangers pissed off and left her to it! Such a gentleman – not! We stopped at a viewing point where there was also cheap tat.

Me and Carmel in St Thomas

Allure of the Seas and Eurodam

Madam red hat came back to the ship with some crap for $10 she was wetting herself over with excitement. Clearly doesn’t get out much. She had kept us all waiting for that. I made a comment about moaners doing that and they’re usually American to which she replied brusquely, “I am NOT American.” Ooh get her! I said give Canadians a bad name. Her husband had hit the beers! She moaned when he handed her a can of Mountain Dew or whatever it was, saying it will spill all over her. As the boring tour prodeeded she started to yak herself! Typical two-faced moaner. It was a relief to get back to the port! Carmel went shopping, we went to get me some aspirin because my cold was getting worse then we couldn’t find her. We went back to the ships, hoping she’d just forgotten and went back on board. Photos first of Celebrity Sexy and you can still see the original name outline.

She wasn’t so I went through security then out again. Ken and I traipsed around every shop looking and gave up at 2.45pm. I left a message on her phone and had a kip to rest my back. Epic was sailing at 4pm with us an hour later so up I went. Eurodam also left as we did.

Norwegian Epic


Eurodam and Norwegian Epic

I mentioned the lack of heat to Blasido and he called the maintance man. Dinner and afterwards they were preparing the San Marco for the brunch buffet. Leatherwoman was still in, so it gave another copportunity to get what she was just wearing again.

Back to the cabin after getting some cough medicine and it was actually hot for the first time in 11 days!

The 15th was at sea so I stayed in bed to shift this awful heavy cold. I didn’t get up until about 7.30pm, but Carmel had phoned twice to see how I was feeling. When I went out about 8pm, the stewards were there and said they’d been worried about me. Awww. Dinner was the first proper meal I’d had all day. I’d nibbled on stuff so I could take aspirin but that was all. It was the Baked Alaska parade!

Then bed.

The next day was another sea day and I was feeling so much better. They had Star Chefs in the theatre, so I went to that.

I didn’t stay for the talent contest because I didn’t want to push my luck with the coughing. Outside we had company in the form of Carnival Liberty, heading to Miami.

I returned to my cabin to find an orange left by the older steward – awww. That was just so sweet. Later I was on deck and saw Celebrity Eclipse way behind in the distance.

Case out and I was told off by the older steward for not calling him. For dessert I couldn’t decide out of three ice creams so I had all five (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry and raspberyy) plus the chocolate frozen yogurt. Loreto, my waiter laughed and asked if it was to be all in the same bowl so I said yes. Well it saves the washing up!

Didn’t get to bed as early as I’d have liked considering I had an early start but there I was for the ships as we came back into a cold Fort Lauderdale.

It flipping rained so I grabbed breakfast in the Seaside before going back out.

Oasis of the Seas, Grand Princess docking and Crown Princess


Carnival Freedsom and Oasis of the Seas

Me and Grand Princess

I went to the Renzezvous for the 9.30pm call for Green 23 only they ran 15 mins late. Immigration had a horrendous queue after collecting your luggage and the Long and Winding Road came on, which was taking the piss! Once outside, no one stopped me taking pics as we waited and waited and waited for our bus to Miami airport, which arrived at 10.55am!

And so after checking in and saying goodbye to Ken, I was off home to the cold after a fabulous cruise!

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