Tis The Season To Be Cruising!

Although maybe JUST warmer than Christmas! Now the European *cough* summer season is well and truly underway, this blogs will be updated more often as I join the mad cruisers of the world again. My first cruise was originally supposed to be the MSC Opera repositioning from Buenos Aires to Southampton in April but sadly I ended up with medical appointments for my back so had to cancel. Back was still bad when she returned on the 3rd May but I’d never have managed that flight. 😦 I still intend to try and squeeze something in this year if I can otherwise definitely 2013 and I have my eye on what I want to do.

This year are two major events in Southampton and I’m participating in both! On the 5th June is Cunard’s Jubilee Rendezvous where they have all three Queens arriving at stupid o’clock when everyone’s still in bed and it’s dark instead of at least an hour or two later. The departures have been constantly changed so it’s gone from 10pm to 11pm. Any advance on 11???? I’m on QM2 that day with my great friend, Rob Ellerington Parr, who will be taking his first ever cruise. Mine was QE2 so he’s a step up from me – size-wise anyway! Then on the 3rd July is the biggie and the most exciting – P&O’s Grand Event where all 7 ships will be in port. Sorry, Cunard, but your ships are always meeting so it’s nothing special, as proved by the 13th July when they’re all in again but no publicising that time. For P&O’s, I’ll be on Oriana with another great friend, Fay Jordan, who is beginning to be a seasoned cruiser, but it will be her first P&O. Oriana will be a girls cruise and the one good thing about Facebook and Twitter is you can meet those you;ve been chatting to all this time and have a bloody good party!!!! I’m also looking forward to meeting several on QM2, some old friends, some new. Both will be memorable cruises, even though P&O have the edge (Red Arrows AND Princess Anne!). I just hope Carnival UK will be providing ample free commemorative junk to mark these occasions we can treasure forever. 😀

I also have a couple of other confirmed cruises while some are still in the planning stage, like Opera, hoping to manage between medicos.

Happy cruising!

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4 Responses to Tis The Season To Be Cruising!

  1. Fay says:

    Hi Patsy,

    ‘Seasoned cruiser’ after one trip, I don’t know! LOL. The Oriana trip will be great, that gathering in Southampton on the 3rd is going to be ‘something else’! Only 6 weeks (on Tuesday) to go. 🙂

  2. Fay says:

    LOL, even ‘beginning is a slight stretch. 😉 But a few more cruises over the next few years…who knows. Maybe after my Australia trip then another trip to Texas in 2014…I can foresee some short cruises on different ships. Definitely like to do QM2 and Aurora for starters…
    I’m looking forward to the first week of July. 😀

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