Balmoral Bound

And now my first cruise of the year has arrived on the fabulous ship, Balmoral. After a stressful few months caused mainly by people who don’t listen, treat you like crap and think they’re right despite masses of evidence to the contrary, as well as my back still giving me problems two years on, it will be good to get away and relax. The last time I took a Fred Olsen cruise was Black Watch in December 2010, nine days after my mum’s funeral and it worked wonders. I’m sure Balmoral will too! I had a cruise booked last year but unfortunately had to cancel it. 😦 I did spend a little time there in January 2011 when I accompanied the late journalist, Steve Read, as he covered four of the six ships Southampton had on one day and had a very nice cup of coffee on the bridge before we started working.

Balmoral and Black Watch

Balmoral and Black Watch

Black Watch from the bridge of Balmoral

She’s a gorgeous ship and I can’t wait to explore properly, though no bridge visit or such a magnificent view this time! As it’s only a short trip, I won’t be blogging and the review will appear on my site in due course. But I will be Facebooking and Tweeting. So as we await the return of Balmoral, here’s her sailing on the current cruise almost two weeks ago.

12th May 2012

Entering the Solent 12th May 2012

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