Jubilee Rendezvous – Southampton

It was an early start on the 5th June to see Cunard’s three liners arrive in their home port. Since the ships weren’t sailing till after 10.30pm, there really was no reason why it had to be the crack of yawn. Anyway, the original plan was QV, QM2, QE. Well the last was right! Mary and Vicky swapped places south of Nab, as Mary picked up the pilot first. QE was miles behind! I went with Rob Ellerington Parr on the Blue Funnel boat, Ocean Scene. Carniva UK’s press boat was their smaller Ashleigh R, which followed us but got up close and personal while we did battle with Red Osprey getting in our shots!

Only two were in view, QM2 and QV, and with it just getting light, made for some difficult photos but thankfully it got better after QV had passed.

Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria & Queen Mary 2

As QE was so far away, the Blue Funnel crew announced the breakfast was ready. As we didn’t want the back rolls, we had £2 knocked off the cost of the ticket. The queue was very long as the action was still ongoing and QE made her presence known a LOT as if to say, “I’m here now. I hope you haven’t started without me!”

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Mary 2 & Queen Victoria

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth & Queen Mary 2

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria

Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth

Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth

Once both were secure, QM2 began moving forward as the other two occasionally let rip on their whistles, passengers cheering to each other as the flagship passed until all hell broke lose when they all pressed their horn button at the same time! As Mary passed QE, you could hear ‘Dancing Queen’ blasting from her decks.

Meanwhile, after Mary had passed, QV threw her lines and began the slow process of backing up to the Mayflower Terminal, where she would remain until before the fireworks.

Queen Victoria backing up to Mayflower Terminal

Queen Elizabeth

Afterwards we followed Mary as she went to the Ocean Terminal and docked.

Stalking Mary

Queen Elizabeth & QM2

Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth

And then it was time to return to Ocean Village at nearly 7.30am.

But a quick stop before heading home.

And so home for a few hours to warm up before we headed over to board Queen Mary 2. See you onboard!

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