Cunard Jubilee Rendezvous – Departure

We headed out to catch the 11.40am ferry and the queue was horrendous, which is no fun in the rain! It was also running 2o minutes late due to the number of fair weathers who couldn’t be bothered any other times there were even two Cunards together, which is a regular occurance! And I bet they’ll be nowhere near on the 13th July when they’re all in again. There were a group of old people who were pushing and singing, knew sod all about the ferry and carried on when we were on Hotspur without as much as an apology when they barged into and past you.

Queen Victoria,, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2

QM2 and Shieldhall

We decided to get a taxi to Ocean Terminal instead of walking due to the horrendous weather. Once I’d got a new cheapo Princess-type luggage label, we handed the luggage over. The handler had cycled from Hythe!

We were given boarding cards Green N but they were on J when we got there so at least we didn’t have to wait long. The queue to security was now stretched to the end of the terminal and you had you photo taken with people walking behind. Security was easy and then we entered the Grand Lobby, which was decorated in Union Jacks and had an EIIR in flowers.

We met up rather too briefly with Sarah from Lincs Cruise Club after she’d finished lunch after her rushed tour. We missed lunch in the Golden Lion by ten minutes then tried to get room service but had to wait ten minutes. After that we went to have a drink in the Commodore Club where Rob saw that marvellous model behind the bar. We both bought the soft drinks package and then up onto the Observation deck then wandered around. It was pouring and there were puddles all over the deck.

Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth

Chatted to a bloke who’d done many cruises with Royal Caribbean and we chatted about many other things as we got soaked. It was announced on Cunard FM at 6pm the Red Arrows were cancelled due to weather but my dad sent a text 20 minutes earlier telling me the same thing. Rob had a kip so I went to sort out my dinner for the next night since we were skipping it. The Maitre ‘D remembered me from last time and took me to the manager for my area. A quick pop to the Golden Lion afterwards and I saw them on the barge arranging the fireworks in the wind and rain.

Firework barge

We decided to go to the Commodore Club but the Captain came on to say about QV leaving to move back to 102 berth while we would be going to meet them from 9pm, although the VTS movements was always 9.15pm. We headed up to turn before coming down and stopping by Vicky for the fireworks. It was still raining but getting lighter, while the smoke blew in the ships’ direction.

Queen Victoria returning to Berth 102

Firework smoke covering Queen Elizabeth

Lots of blasting and stuff afterwards before we took the lead. Vicky followed followed by Betty.

Queen Mary 2 leading Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth out of Southampton

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria from Queen Mary 2

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria following Queen Mary 2

We blasted at Calshot and the wind whipped up after rounding the Hook so we went back inside. A fantastic day, and all on bugger all sleep!

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2 Responses to Cunard Jubilee Rendezvous – Departure

  1. ailsa says:

    oh my god looked amazing xxx

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