Cunard Jubilee Rendezvous – 8th-10th June 2012

As we waited we watched security waving people away on the webcam, but some were rebels, constantly trying again as though sticking two fingers up to them. The guard once ducked under a partial barrier to stop someone. We went to deck 13 for sailaway. Captain Oprey came on to say we’d be in a force 10 but it would vary during our passage to Le Havre. We were having a force 9 about an hour later. Anyway, two tugs had been pushing us alongside since about noon, probably to prevent her breaking her lines and smacking her fat bum against the dock like a few years ago. We left about 15 minutes late but didn’t blow the whistle, probably because Captain Oprey didn’t want any distractions as he sailed carefully through the narrow channel. Well done to him for doing a great job! The tugs escorted in case they were needed.

We saw Christian, the internet manager, as we were heading back down from the funnel, who braved it where we had. The Planetarium was open so Rob went for a look while I sat there watching the sea and pilot boat by the cargo ship. Dinner after Rob exchanged his Cunard hoodie for a larger size then back to the cabin watching the info channel for weather updates. They didn’t seem to have any but speed was 20.8 knots at one.

Le Havre! Slept till 11.30pm despite the ruddy crew drill. Golden Lion full so we went to Kings Court where our waiter was serving, then on the dock for photos.

Afterwards we tried the Golden Lion again and it had one lot of chairs – hooray! What is it with people they all bugger off when food stops but can’t before when they’re not eating or drinking??? Rob ended up with two portions of chips.

We saw Discovery sailing into open sea, heading to Dunkirk, having come from Rouen so dashed to the Observation Deck.


Our departure was 8pm but I didn’t hear any announcement. We left a bit late but someone on the bridge was horn mad as her whistle was blown so many times between moving from the dock and sailing through the entrance.

And so, after a very smooth night, it was back to Southampton.

Saga Ruby


The worst thing about returning at the end of the cruise is hanging around waiting to disembark and it’s a shame you can’t self-disembark any time instead of a set early time. If it hadn’t been Sunday, meaning the first ferry from Town Quay wasn’t until 10am, we’d have gone. As it was, that was our disembark time. Ridiculous really. But a shame to leave. Hopefully next year Kings Court food will have improved AND I get my dietary requirement done as P&O and Celebrity. Giving a pen with the menu to tick rather than discuss with your head waiter or whatever is a joke. But I had a great time with Rob and he thoroughly enjoyed his first ever cruise.

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1 Response to Cunard Jubilee Rendezvous – 8th-10th June 2012

  1. Christian says:

    Certainly looks like you both had a really fantastic time during the cruise. Excellent selection of photographs – great capture of the Tug escort ploughing into the swell! I must admit I’ve only ever waited around once to disembark and it did feel like you were waiting forever. Great account of the cruise overall, especially on such a historic occassion as the Diamond Jubilee.

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