MSC Opera Cruise – Sea Day To Stavanger

The rest of the sea day was uneventful until the evening. There was Captain’s Cocktails in two lounges, which I didn’t go to but I saw Brenda from my table at one. You could have your photo taken with the Captain which was so fast it made you dizzy! As the staff were introduced on stage afterwards, my camera batteries died just as the Captain was coming down the stairs – damn!

The show afterwards was a magician. It was the Gala Dinner and I was told I could have the beef – woo! Yet when I opted for tirimasu for dessert, the waiter said it had salt in. Since when???? Petronella didn’t go because she hated dressing up but she could have considering what many were getting away with. A beautiful sunset outside so I popped onto the Promenade deck to get it.

There was a dance thing in the Caruso Lounge starting at 10.15pm. Not many went and only four couples entered. It was quite good though for half an hour.

The entertainment team

Our first Norwegian port was Oslo, somewhere I hadn’t been since 2009, so was looking forward to returning.

I had a sightseeing tour so was up at 6am to see us come in and grab breakfast in the cafeteria before it became too crowded. Brenda was in there. Some Scandinavians would be disembarking at this port. They had tinned pears among the breakfast fruit, which is different. We watched us pull alongside with Shilpa and Rob then I went to get ready as we had to meet in the Caruso Lounge for 8.30am. I was on bus 36, Brenda on 35 and ours was called first. The tour and guide were as boring as hell! She would point things out and say, “But we’re not going to stop there,” while we got 20 minutes at the ski slope with a crap panoramic view of the city so what was the sodding point???? Would have done better doing the hop on/off city tour bus. Petronella was on my bus, but we didn’t see each other until the only stop. It was a relief to get back to the ship! It was supposed to last 2 hours but we were back 13 minutes early.

Opera House

Royal Palace

Ski Slope

Ski slope

Then I went wandering for photos of the ship before reboarding and getting some lunch.

Get that boat out the way!!!!!

What was usually a quick one lasted nearly 3 hours as each table companion (except David) replaced another and the conversation continued. Sailaway was 4pm but we had to wait for the linesmen to arrive, the one nearest the ship even climbing over the fence, returning when they turned up.

Dinner was interesting. They seem to have stopped forcing me to have the awful Always Available menu to now saying I can have things but not cakes, which have salt in. Well so did what I ordered for the other courses! So it’s from not making any effort to cater to a dietary requirement whatsoever to not bothering preventing me getting salt at all! It’s really the only thing putting a dampener on the cruise and would make me reconsider booking another. I mean, what if I was allergic to salt? They’d bloody kill me! Brenda didn’t go then Petronella left after dessert so the rest of us went to the smoking pub, Sottovento, for a quick drink. I gave up smoking in January 2008 but the other three were smokers. It was such a fantastic atmosphere in there, like bars should be, we ended up staying until about 12.40am! I reeked of smoke though so needed to get clean before bed.

Stavanager on the 20th and I stayed asleep until nearly noon.

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2 Responses to MSC Opera Cruise – Sea Day To Stavanger

  1. Rob says:

    I’ve been loving reading your writeups on the MSC Opera, Patricia. I run South Africa Travel Online, and we can’t wait until the Opera arrives in Cape Town for the first time in November. In the meantime I’m doing as much reading as I can about it, and I’m looking for material to explain to our readers what the ship is like, and I hope you don’t mind if I link to this post, and possibly use your photo of the Sotto Vento pub – I loved your description of it. I’ve tentatively linked from our MSC Opera bars so you can see what I have in mind – if it’s an issue I’ll take it down.

    You should come cruise our shores sometime – we have the MSC Sinfonia & Opera here, as well as the RMS St Helena (would make for an epic trip from the UK to Cape Town via St Helena Island).

    • Hi Rob,

      Glad you enjoyed it. The link is fine. I’m sure South African cruisers will enjoy her. Our assistant cruise director for English speaking guests was Derryk van Wyk, who I met during a visit last year. So he’ll probably still be aboard during the Cape Town cruises.

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