MSC Opera Cruise – Stavanger to Flam

After lunch, which was packed despite the buffet just opening, I went for a wander to get Hamburg, as I saw her passing the bridge. She was early! Hamburg was last c.Columbus for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises and looked a bit different yellow instead of orange with the white livery.

MSC Opera and Hamburg

After she docked, I popped back to the ship for half an hour to change my coat and give a quick charge to the various batteries before my friend Oskar from Facebook arrived for 3pm. As I waited, Shilpa and Rob came along and they stayed until Oskar got there. We went for a wander to the other side of the town and took photos of the ships as well as chatted.

Shilpa, me and Rob

Me and Oskar


It was all aboard for 5pm, which was a bit of a sod, so we sat down a while before I went back to the ship by 4.30pm. Brenda appeared with the son she’d spent the day with. With her not putting her watch forward, I did wonder if she’d get back okay. I said goodbye to Oskar, who would be watching us sail. Hopefully we can meet next time I’m in Stavanger and it will be longer. Our 5.30pm sailaway was ten minutes early. It’s really annoying there are no pre-departure announcements.

MSC, have a battery bin for your dead ones, which is an excellent idea. Much better than just dropping them in the bin of your cabin. I only know of P&O and Cunard which do (though it’s not in the Photo Gallery on QM2, which it ought to be), because I’ve disposed of some in the bins. More should do it. Dinner and then to the disco where it was a very late night. The sun was just gorgeous but disco really dead and no wonder considering the racket they called music. It only livened up when Latino stuff came on. Costa Fortuna unexpectedly appeared around 12.40am, heading from Flam to Stavanger. I knew Oceana was going the same way but she was out ages before so missed her. It was freezing in the wind.

Costa Fortuna

I left about 1.25am and Shilpa decided to as well since she had a tour in the morning, so Rob was left alone to get up to mischief!

Didn’t sleep much with the light and decided not to get up for our Flam arrival either, which was a shame, but I was just too tired. We docked bow in, so I had a lovely view from my window when I woke up.

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