MSC Opera Cruise – Bergen to Southampton

The tour bus only stopped in one place in Bergen and then we went on a 40 minute drive to go on a boat, which would bring us back to the port.

We sailed on time and the weather was still glorious, but getting cloudier and windy. As I’d got us going under the bridge arriving, I went back to the cabin for the departure.

It was formal night again and Petronella and Shilpa didn’t go. Petronella doesn’t, saying she doesn’t like being told to dress up. We didn’t know why Shilpa hadn’t. We had a Baked Alaska parade with flame – woo!!!!!!!

It was getting pretty bumpy and did go over 50 knots a couple times but I missed snapping that on the info channel. As I was doing fighting the awful internet connection, Shilpa appeared, explaining she’d fallen asleep. It was the midnight buffet in the restaurant so that became her dinner.

Saturday was a sea day as we headed back to Southampton and you’d never guess it was a force 9 with all that sun. I went out on my deck and was getting sprayed so quickly went back in and got lunch.

Our final dinner and Brenda didn’t turn up so was missing from the group photo.

David, me, Petronella, Shilpa and Rob

And so arrival back into Southampton and our glorious weather had disappeared! We were due for 7.30am. Oceana was behind but meant to be there already saying, “What kept you?”. QM2 was in and it stopped raining as we passed her, starting again as Oceana neared.


Oceana passing MSC Opera

Disembarkation was in the theatre and already on white at 8am. I was red so was off just after 8.35am and it was very smooth.

Arrivederci Opera!

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