Discovery Cruise – Sea Day to Kristiansand

The second sitting Captain’s cocktail party was cancelled due to the weather and not many turned up to dinner. But before we went, the Chief Housekeeper Brandy Loteryo phoned to say he had a new cabin for us. So I went to look. It was a G grade window. The aircon was cool, despite being on full, but not like the freezer we were in. Take it! We moved after dinner then went to the midnight buffet. It was heaving with all those who missed dinner.

Cabin 5382

Our first port on the 27th which was Olso. We were due for 9am but were 45 minutes late. Somehow MSC Poesia had overtaken us, despite also being due to arrive an hour after us. She docked at the usual place while we were opposite the Opera House.


Wind Surf

Wind Surf and MSC Poesia

After lunch it was time for photos. Poesia was sailing at 3pm so I waited, as it was just 10 minutes to go only they were held up waiting for two passengers. I think one turned up but despite four warned blasts on the horn, they gave up and left at 3.15pm. Then it was back to my ship.

Oslo’s Opera House

MSC Poesia

Waiting for missing passengers

Our departure was 6pm and disappointingly, the only time the horn was used was to tell boats to move their bums.

Another of Norge

Another great dinner with our table companions and Raffie the waiter. He is just so funny. We went to the quiz afterwards and arrived at question 10. Oops! Paul does recap and we got 8/10 – wooo! There would have been a serious tie break if no one had nine because many at eight. The questions were very easy though. Then the show, Those Were The Days which was good. Midnight buffet then bed.

Kristiansand was the next day and very wet and windy so a lazy day. The Lido had leaks.

Rain pouring into the Lido Bar, including through the light fittings

The carpet down the corridor was being replaced.

Old carpet

Just went ashore to take photos of the ship then back onboard.

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