Discovery Cruise – Kristiansand to Stavanger

There was a crew drill as I was finishing the internet and they were being asked safety questions.

It was at least dry for sailaway but as soon as we hit open water, the wind whipped up just like at Harwich.

After dinner it was the quiz and we won a Voyages of Discovery pen – woo! It was a tie-break, so we sent Alan up who got the answer right. Then the old bloke on the other team started nitpicking about an answer he’d got wrong with Paul as he collected the pens.

The Discovery Strings show afterwards and they were very good.

Buffet – yum! Then bed.

It was Stavanger on the 29th and I stayed asleep instead of getting up. Adonia was in with us but I had no idea when she was due. Turned out to be 8.30am, which was 90 mins after us. We went for a wander. Due to the Oil Conference, the harbour was full of various boats, hence our berthing by the opera house, in front of Adonia.

Discovery and Adonia

Met one couple from the P&O whose first cruise it was then, by the fishermen who were catching mackerel, a bloke called Derek who was also on Adonia. His last had been the S.A. Vaal in 1973 to Southampton. Then back to the ship for lunch and then a wander around the deck.

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